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Interpreting the war between the Constitution & Superstition

By Amlest Tesfay
Tigrai Online May 9, 2020

Abiy Ahmced threatens Tigrai if it holds 2020 election



Recently, the illegal Prime Minister Colonel Abiy Ahmed arrogantly told Ethiopians that he will wage war if the Tigray people elect their own leaders democratically according to the Ethiopian constitutional order.

Abiy’s televised harassment was a combination of desperation and frustration due to his lack of leadership abilities. This is another harassment crime and an illegal war drum against Tigray people for respecting their own country’s constitutional order and law.

 Ethiopia will be immersed into a civil-war once again because of the conflict of interest between the false 7th king and the Ethiopian constitution that guarantees the rights of the Ethiopian nation and nationalities to elect their leaders democratically every five year.

  • How long is Tigray or Ethiopian going to tolerate PP’s unconstitutional crimes?

PP had already committed crimes against the Ethio-somali people, the Sidama people, against the Oromo people in western Ethiopia, against other people in Ethiopia and Eritrean refugees who reside in Israel and Ethiopia.

On top of PP’s previous crimes, the illegal prosperity party (PP) had waged economical and other forms of wars in the last two years against the Tigray people. However, no measures were taken against the crimes.

Is harassing the young children and the innocent mothers on national television by an illegal Prime Minister not a crime in Ethiopia? Colonel Abiy had boasted too much that he was preparing for the last two years to commit war crimes against the youths, the mothers, and their houses. Do Ethiopians have a modern justice system?

Colonel Abiy Ahmed has arrogantly declared a direct confrontation with the people of Tigray. When will the Ethiopian military say no to the crimes of PP? Does the leaders of the Ethiopian military respect the Ethiopian constitutional order? How long should Tigray continue to bear such acts of crimes against its people?

Since the inception of Tigray, the Tigray people had never accepted slavery. Tigray is the icon and the symbol of freedom. Tigray people should prepare to defend and defeat the coward Colonel Abiy once and for all. TPLF must stop babysitting the criminals in the name of Ethiopian unity. TPLF should be forced to give us voluntary military training to defend our mothers from the harassment of the criminals.

  • Why Ethiopians do not believe when Abiy clearly tells them that he will be a king?


Abiy was serious when he said that he will be a king. However, people are taking his plans lightly. A deep analysis and evidence based research should have been made how, when, where, he was told to become a king? It should be dissected and thoroughly studied the impacts, the conflicts and the actions of the person in relation to the Ethiopian constitution.

Is it not written “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1John:4).

We all know Colonel Abiy Ahmed speaks what his audiences want to hear. He tells a lot of lies in different languages based on his subjects. Since he lies no one trusts him anymore. But, I believed his arrogant war drums and bloodsheds. Because, the bloodshed he is boastfully advocating is not from his own it is form his master.

3) Who is Abiy’s master? 

As per Abiy’s own testimony, he is a victim of his mother’s superstition. Abiy is not led by the Ethiopian constitution but by a superstition. He had already trashed the constitution. He told us he will be a king. The superstitious spiritual force’s duty is to lie, to cheat, to pretend and finally to lead people into bloodsheds. Do you not know that “Eve’s mind was tricked by the snake’s clever lies” (2 CORONTIANS 11:3).

For the time being, I preferred to refrain from explaining the superstitious meaning of a Hyena and how it is used.

  • Who is the person who told Abiy’s mother about her son’s anointing?

As DERG is to Mengistu Hailemariam; PP is to Abiy. Both dreamed to form a one man nation. In any case, Abiy will never dare to tell you who that person is nor do I? But, if you are not an atheist or a Christian there is one way you can tell who the person was from Abiy’s daily acts and speeches. Because “a person’s action speaks louder than his words” Here is why? Christ is truth and a Christian prophet never lies. Christ preaches peace but not war.

I respect everybody’s superstitious belief system but I object the imposition of ones own superstition upon others. We Trust in God. But, God is not a liar politician. JESUS never preached hate and war but love and peace only. Jesus never lies as you the superstitious anointed 7th, 8th false kings and queens do. God hates haters and liars.

Because it is written: “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.” (John 8:44)


  • War against Tigray may have the potential to oust the Ethiopian and Eritrean dictators

Isias Afewerki is salivating to see Ethiopia immersed in a Civil war. He had publicly told the world that he will be involved directly in a civil war in Ethiopia. PP is fully cooperating with Isaias Afewerki for the destruction of Ethiopia.

Any war waged arrogantly against Tigray is not going to be an ordinary war like the wars in the western Ethiopia. It will decide the fate of East Africa, particularly Ethiopia and Eritrea. The war will have the potential to unseat the illegal leaders at the Menelik II palace and Asmara. It will be a war all over Ethiopia including Addis Ababa (FINFINE).

  • What will be some of the consequences of the illegal war against Tigray?

The interference of Isaias Afewerki in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and in the illegal war against the Tigray people may precipitate public uprising and a military coup in Eritrea. Ethiopian forces may also interfere in the internal affairs of Eritrea. Therefore, the interferences may directly jeopardize Eritrea’s sovereignty issues.

There will be a high likelihood of war within Addis Ababa. As we hear on the news outlets, in the last two years millions of illegal firearms were being smuggled into Addis Ababa. Any armed group from the vicinities of Addis Ababa may directly march to control Menelik II Palace.

The Sidama people may be forced to control the PP’s office in south Ethiopia to claim the state of Sidama based on the referendum they held last year. The Ethio-Somali people who are dissatisfied with the illegal prosperity party may revolt to control the PP office to achieve their freedom and self-rule. The Afar people are already opposing the illegal PP.


In conclusion: PP illegally held power by trashing the Ethiopian constitution. Eventually, PP’s illegal team immersed Ethiopia into a conflict zone.

The illegal prosperity party team lead by Colonel Abiy Ahmed had invited Tigray to its conflict club to engrave him like his predecessors. Tigray, the icon of freedom, will shine in history once gain as the symbol of freedom for all nation and nationalities in east Africa by removing dictators and it will pave the way for the Ethiopian constitution to be respected and celebrated. Tigray abides by the constitutional rules but not by superstitious rules.