Where In Ethiopia : Addis Ababa Versus Axum
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The sacred city of Axum in Tigrai State Northern Ethiopoia is believed to be the site of the Ark of the Covenant. Photo credit Cheryltiu

Where In Ethiopia : Addis Ababa Versus Axum

By FG Dullin for Travelers Today
Tigrai Online, January. 24, 2017

Anyone choosing Africa as the next continent to spend one's vacation could choose to travel in Ethiopia for an exceptional off-beat experience. In this North African country, there are two popular tourist destinations worth noting: the capital city of Addis Ababa and the alluring backwater of Axum. Interestingly, both cities are unlike each other.


Between the popular Addis Ababa and the mystical Axum, many people would choose to visit Axum. Here are the reasons why:

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TOL Remark:
We think the state government of Tigria is doing a very poor job on maintaining, preserving, publicizing, and using the historical wealth of Tigrai. The state government should learn from the neighboring states who are maximizing their historical sites. If there is a need it should utilize outside professional help.

From Yeha to the hundreds of rock hewn Churches found throughout Tigrai there are countless and exquisite historical sites in the state. The problem is extremely poor management and not having a dedicated department with professional members. Millions of dollars can be made by attracting the right crowd of tourists and raise the profile of the state itself.

Travel video about destination Aksum or Axum in Ethiopia.

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