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The European Parliament categorically denied inviting Dr. Berhanu Nega to Brussels

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 2, 2015

The European Parliament categorically denied inviting Dr. Berhanu Nega to Brussels
Commander of Arbengoch Ginbar, Chairman of Gibot 7, Fighter and Professor Berhanu Nega at new rebels graduation ceremony in Eritrea.

The European Parliament categorically denied inviting Dr. Berhanu Nega to Brussels, Belgium to give a speech or any testimony.

As most of you are aware by now the Eritrean Satellite Television – ESAT and all the websites funded by the Eritrean dictator have been tooting for the past two weeks about the European Union EU inviting the leader of Ginbot 7 and the puppet of Issaias Afwerki Berhanu Nega to come from Eritrea to Brussels, Belgium speak to European Parliament about the current dire political and economic situation in Ethiopia.


Chairman of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Prof. Berhanu Nega arrived in Brussels, Belgium yesterday upon the invitation of the European Parliament to give his testimony about the current political situation as well as the ongoing drought in Ethiopia. Prof. Berhanu has been in Eritrea since this summer to lead his Patriotic Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian armed resistance movement based in Eritrea.” ESAT said on its website.

To gain trust of the Ethiopian people and pretend they are supported by world leaders, Ginbot 7 leaders fabricate facts and create their own press releases on behalf of other organizations like the EU. “A member of the leadership of Patriotic Ginbot 7, Dr. Tadesse Biru told ESAT that the invitation by the European Parliament was a nod to the Movement, which was labeled as a terrorist organization by the regime in Ethiopia. Dr. Tadesse went on to say that the European Parliament has recognized Prof. Berhanu as a an elected opposition leader in exile, as he was described on the poster for the hearing, scheduled for December 1, 2015.”

Realizing Ginbot 7 is spreading propaganda based on a fabricated lie claiming Berhanu Nega was invited by the European Parliament to come to Brussels, the EU send out a press realease categorically denying any invitation to fighter Berhanu Nega or any of Gingot 7 members. "The EU Delegation wishes to inform that Mr. Berhanu Nega has been invited to come to Brussels upon personal initiative by a member of the Eruropean Parliament. This is in no way an official initation or recognition of the person or the movement he represents by one of the EU institutions.The EU rejets as a principle any violent means of or political purposes."

The EU did not invite Berhanu Nega
Above you can see a screenshot of the EU press release

It is not new for the terrorist group to fabricate facts from a thin air, actually it has been a norm for the group to put out false information for temporary political gains. We have been following and exposing these fools who think they are the only once with an access to information on the World Wide Web for years.

On further examnation of the EU Press Release we can see it says “ Mr. Berhanu Nega has been invited to come to Brussels upon personal initiative by a member of the Eruropean Parliament.”  That means one person sponsored and invited Berhanu Nega. We can safely guess who that person might be, it is the same person who is trying to undermine Ethiopia as a country for some unknown personal reasons starting in the 2005 election. This person has been working with all Ethiopian terrorist groups for over ten years, but the European Union clearly want to distance themselves from this evil person.

The Ethiopian extremists hiding in Asmara are not unable to communicate with Ethiopian people or convince them a meaningful democracy can be imported from the North Korea of Africa.

In desperation they try to attach themselves to much bigger issues or organizations, in this case they are trying to make it look like the European Union EU recognizes their terrorist group supported by a terrorist country.


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