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Ethiopia will become a Middle Income Country by 2025 - World Bank

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, November 24, 2015

Ethiopia will become a Middle Income Country by 2025 - World Bank

The World Bank says Ethiopia is poised to become a Middle Income Country by 2025. The World Bank report released on November 23, 2015, stated Ethiopia is registering impressive economic growth and development led by agriculture, services and public investment of mega infrastructures.


Ethiopia has witnessed rapid economic growth, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 10.9% between 2004 and 2014, which is lifting the country from being the second poorest in the world in 2000 to becoming a middle income country by 2025” the World Bank report said.

The detailed report gives policy recommendations on how to continue the accelerated economic growth in a sustainable way. The report shows Ethiopia has slashed poverty by 14% in the past few years.

There is no doubt Ethiopia will become a middle income country very soon. This is a welcome news by the majority of Ethiopians and peace loving people all over the region, but the Ethiopian arch enemies are working in parallel to sabotage the miraculous economic growth of Ethiopia.

The Eritrean regime and its allies, mainly the Arabs are the main opponents of Ethiopian development. Each side is working to destabilize Ethiopia for different reasons, but both have a common goal, to see poor and weak Ethiopia.

The Eritreans want to see Ethiopia fragmented or broken in to pieces if possible, if not degraded in to a failed state. Why? The answer lays in two key concepts. The first is fear, the Eritreans are afraid if Ethiopia gets so strong it might jeopardize their existence as a state, because Ethiopia might want a sea outlet. The second one is greed, Eritreans want unrestricted access to the enormous untapped Ethiopian resources and if Ethiopia is strong the dream will remain just a dream.

The Arabs on the other hand are trying to protect Egyptian interest in Africa. Egypt as a strong Arab and Muslim country is seen as an anchor to the whole Middle East. Egypt to the Arabs is as the United States of America to the western countries. A weak Egypt means a weak Arab league and no significant influence in the continent of Africa and Africa means bread to most of the world this days.

Ethiopia has never had malicious or expansionist policy towards its neighbors. Most previous Ethiopian governments worked for the betterment of all Africans and the Middle East, however that good will is not retuned in kind by the Arab countries.

The Ethiopian people are on the move to rid themselves of poverty once and for all and restore Ethiopia into its glorious past and this will happen whether our enemies like it or not.

Ethiopia’s destiny is only determined by Ethiopians and we are determined to go where no Ethiopian has gone before.

Please read the World Bank article

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