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Dashen Beer accused knowingly distributing contaminated beer in Tigrai

Tigrai Online March 16, 2020

Dashen Brewery maker of Dashen Beer is accused knowingly distributing contaminated beer in Tigrai state.

According to a letter sent by the Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau to the Ethiopian Federal Food and Drug Administration (EFDA), Dashen Brewery which is located in Gonder town, Amhara state has been distributing beer products contaminated with unknown elements to the population of Tigrai.


The Tigrai state Health Bureau which was sent to the federal government on February 12, 2012 Ethiopian Calendar or around February 20, 2020 states the Bureau has received numerous complaints and tips from the public about the contaminated Dashen Beer. The Tigrai Health Bureau had collected samples of the Dashen Beer especially from the batch number 20081 best before February 2021 and sent them to the Ethiopian Federal Food and Drug Administration and their branch office in Mekelle city.

The first question that comes to one’s mind is if the Tigrai government know about this public health danger from the contaminated beer, why didn’t they inform the public to temporarily stop drinking the contaminated Dashen Beer which was distributed knowingly and purposely by some hostile forces in Amhara state.

According to Mr. Dawit Kebede a journalist and blogger who runs the blog AwrambaTimes, his source confirmed to him some Dashen Beer administrators have known about the problem of contamination for about a month, but they kept silent about it. The worst thing is they purposely distributed the contaminated beer only to Tigrai. Dawit Kebede posted on his Facebook page a transcript of a text exchange with his source today. In the text the source said, “Dear Dave, I can confirm on conditions of anonymity that the company used to send defective products to Tigray. In fact, some high ranking employees were aware of that since day one.”


By now most Tigraians are fully aware there are horrid groups of elite Amharas that would like to annihilate the people of Tigrai from the face of this earth if they have the means to do it. We don’t know yet what are the contaminating agents used in the Dashen Beer sent to Tigrai until the proper investigation is completed. It could be a crude and primitive attempt to use the beer as a weapon of mass destruction or it could have been an organic contamination for example using an expired ingredient. The main point here is no matter what the circumstances that led to the contamination of the beer, the contaminated product was sent to Tigrai with the intent of hurting the people of Tigrai.

For now, the only thing the people of Tigrai should do is avoid consuming the beer and completely boycott any and every product of the company until they officially apologize for the crime and the result of the investigation by the federal and state authorities is completed.

The Tigrai government and all peace and justice loving people should push for those behind this sinister crime to be brought to justice.

first and foremost comes the safety and security of our people, everything else is secondary.

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