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Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael calls on the people of Tigrai to be steadfast to fight the pandemic and political adversaries

By  Molla Mitiku
Tigrai Online August 19, 2020

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Tigray is now at a pivotal time facing political, economic and security challenges compelling us coming together to transform it into a new chapter by successfully accomplishing the election with high care of the deadly disease, Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) underscored.

The president of Tigray National Regional State Debretsion Gebremichael said that the people of Tigray have faced not only COVID 19 plague but also other challenges.

“We don’t want the struggle against poverty to be jeopardize rather we are so enthusiasm to make it a reality,” he added.

Despite the sabotages against them, the people of Tigray never restrained from its aims and will take care of the pandemic while voting the 6th regional election to ascertain their political rights, he added.

These remarks were made while addressing participants of the recognition giving program held today at the Martyrs’ Hall in Mekelle   in the presence of higher officials, religious fathers, elders and representatives of societal segments and associations who responded to the government’s urgent financial prop up calls aimed to complete diverse regional development projects last year.

The President also expressed his admiration to the swift rejoinders of the people to suffice the regional financial gaps. He also reiterated that Tigrian scholars around the world have been backing their people and the Regional State in preventing COVID 19 and other political, economic and social aspects. 

The people of Tigray made some steps forward amid a number of challenges they encountered with due to the impositions from various bodies in the past two years, he said, adding “we are now at a critical stage where we need   to prevent the expansion of the pandemic, conducting our election and defending any aggressive actions having strengthening our unison and guaranteeing an enduring peace”.

In connection to the Ethiopians suffering in foreign prisons, the President emphasized that the Regional State has already expressed its enthusiasm and readiness to the Federal Government to receive those Tigrians who are in a severe situation in Saudi Arabia and Yemen with open arms.

He said that it is of paramount important to cooperate to help those citizens and we are ready to do that at regional level but this needs talks and agreements among Ethiopia, Yemen and Saudi.