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European Union cancels deployment of EU Electoral Observation Mission to Ethiopia

Tigrai Online May 3, 2021


The European Union cancels deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission to Ethiopia because Ethiopia was not able to reach an agreement with EU. The union said in a statement published today May 3, 2021 on it’s website it didn’t receive the necessary assurances from the Ethiopian government to send it’s Observation Mission to Ethiopia.

The European Union said the following regarding the cancellation the Electoral Observation Mission to Ethiopia.

Despite all efforts by the European Union, it was not possible to reach an agreement with Ethiopian authorities on key parameters for the deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission in view of the parliamentary elections on 5 June 2021. As conditions are not fulfilled, the deployment of the mission has to be cancelled. 

The integrity of an electoral observation mission is a cornerstone of the EUs support for democracy. The EU regrets the refusal of the fulfilment of standard requirements for the deployment of any Electoral Observation Mission, namely the independence of the Mission and the import of mission communication systems, something that is key for the security of EU observers, in particular in the context of a challenging security environment. This situation also impacts election preparations, including voter registration.

The Ethiopian regime is waging a genocidal war in Tigrai state and one and half million Tigraians are displaced, 4.5 million Tigraians are in need of humanitarianism aid because of the war. On top of all that over 70 thousand Tigraians have fled the country to the Sudan. The rest the country is rocked by conflict, civil strife and ethnic violence. Despite all the crisis in Ethiopia the regime in Ethiopia wanted to have parliamentary elections on 5 June 2021.


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