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Ethiopian D.C. embassy intruders sent a spy before getting to the compound

Tigrai Online November 4, 2014

Ethiopian embassy intruders shown stomping on Ethiopian flag

New Video shows Ginbot-7 members and Shaebiya secret agents taking down the national Ethiopian flag and stomping on it.

The new video produced by TG TV was posted by Mr. Mesfin Bezu on his YouTube channel a few days ago.

This thugs have no respect for Ethiopia, Ethiopian people and anything Ethiopian symbols.

As you can see from this incredible video, they sent a spy first to see if there is any security at the door before they can get to embassy grounds.

When they were asked if they disrespected the Ethiopian flag? The completely denied, but we can see how they took down the flag and tore it, stomped on it and threw it as a dirty piece of rag.

You can tell most of these people are not Ethiopians, but Eritreans who pretended to support Ethiopians in their fight against the government.

Tigrai Online would like to appreciate TG TV for bringing the truth to the light.


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