Kahsay Abraha on Ethiopia and Eritrean relationship interview with SBS
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Kahsay Abraha on Ethiopia and Eritrean relationship interview with SBS

Tigrai Online, Dec 10, 2017

People on both sides of the Ethiopian and Eritrean border are suffering says Kahsay Abraha Bisrat.


The author of Ye Asimba Fikir, Mr. Kahsay Abraha says there is no real reason why the Ethiopian and Eritrean people should not live in peace or even have some kind of close relationship. Mr. Abraha who joined the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Army at such a young age reminisces his time in the struggle.

He speaks about the past common struggle to rid the Derg regime and present impasse in the Eritrean and Ethiopian situation. He says the peoples of Eritrea and Tigrai did not gain much from their bitter struggle considering the amount of sacrifice the paid for change. He admits, yes there is a little change, but the much awaited peace is yet to be realized and the lives of the average people remains the same.

He blames the leadership on both countries are stubborn to go to war over border issues.

Kahsay feels very strongly that millions of people in the borders of Tigrai and Eritrea all the way from Humera-Omahajer to Bure are suffering because the no peace and war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Kahsay Abraha

This interview was conducted and posted on SBS website. We published it on TOL with permission and request of the author.


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