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Three more Ethiopians killed in Saudi Arabia

Tigrai Online, Update on November 12, 2013

Three more Ethiopians killed by Saudi police. The killing of Ethiopians continues in Saudi Arabia
Three more Ethiopians killed in Saudi Arabia

Three more Ethiopians have been killed in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of Ethiopians are leaving the middle east country after scores have been killed in the past few days. Hundreds more injured and women are being raped in front of their families.

It is astounding and mind boggling the international community is so silent about this shameful actions of the Saudis.

"The act of killing innocent civilians is uncalled for, we condemn that," Foreign Ministry spokesman Dina Mufti told reporters, saying he had been informed of the death of three Ethiopian citizens.

Saudi Arabia, stop the barbaric treatment of Ethiopians NOW!

Tigrai Online, November 11, 2013

We at Tigrai Online would like to condemn in the strongest terms possible the horrible attack against Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia. This murderous campaign by the Saudis is a consorted effort by the state security apparatus and civilian vigilante gangs armed with knives, guns and sticks going house to house dragging Ethiopian women, children and men and abusing them. Some has lost their lives in the horrible situation and many more are injured.

Ethiopians hunted by Saudi police and civilians. The killing of Ethiopians continues in Saudi Arabia
Ethiopians hunted by Saudi police and civilians. The killing of Ethiopians continues in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian police and civilian are hunting Ethiopians and killing, gang raping, beating and torturing them.

These video shows a woman being raped by gangs while others are brutally beating the men.

People are thrown to the streets just because they are Ethiopians. Women and children are without shelter, food and water.

Women are being gang raped by eight and ten men in front of their kids in a broad day light after their husbands are taken away beaten or killed. This could not be allowed to continue in a country that preaches peace to the world.

If the Ethiopians and other foreign migrant workers are illegally in Saudi Arabia, they should be told to leave the country peacefully. The Saudis have the right to control who comes to their country, but they don’t have the right to kill or torture people even if they are illegally in their county.

We call on the Ethiopian government to take immediate action and the international community to stop the gross human rights abuse going on in Saudi Arabia.

To the Saudi Arabian government and citizens:

The inhumane treatment you are dealing to the un armed civilian Ethiopians will have a far reaching consequences to you and the Arabs in Africa in general. You will be regretting these barbaric actions very soon. The Saudi government needs to stop this cruel crackdown on foreign workers and find another way to deal with those illegally in their country.

To the Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia:

The best thing to do for Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is not to go to the streets to demonstrate, but to get out of the country as fast as you can safely. The Saudis could not give justice and democracy to their own citizens, so there is no point expecting any justice for foreigners.

The Ethiopian Ministry of foreign Affairs said two days ago, “The Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi is processing passports and giving the permit letter to Ethiopian citizens”.