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Tigrai establishes its own COVID-19 testing laboratory in Mekelle city

Tigrai Online April 1, 2020

Tigrai state opens its own covid-19 testing laboratory

Tigrai establishes its own COVID-19 testing laboratory in Mekelle the capital city of Tigrai. Since Ethiopia started testing for COVID-19 any suspected cases from all over Ethiopia weree sent to Addis Ababa for testing. Tigrai is the first state to start its own testing instead of sending its cases to Addis Ababa. Many Tigraians were concerned about sending test cases to Addis Ababa for many reasons including test results. Due to the toxic political relationship between Tigrai and the federal government some people didn't trust the federal government laboratories test results. Having a testing laboratory in Mekelle will ease many people's mind and speed up the delivery of the test results.


Professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot, Mekelle University President said on his Twitter page "Breaking News: in a strong collaboration among Mekelle University, Tigray Bureau of Health & Tigray Health Research Institute, testing #coronavirus #Covid19 has began at #Mekelle - We thank all the committed professionals! Exemplary partnership! We made it".

The Mkelle COVID-19 testing laboratory was started today in the presence of Tigrai President Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael and other Tigrai state health officials.

This is excellent news and we are proud of those who are involved to make it happen. There are a few things that need the Tigrai government's attention when it comes to the spread of COVID-19.

The Tigrai government has declared state of emergency for two weeks to control the spread of COVID-19 about a week ago. Despite the government's efforst some practices related to religion are taking place in many places without any regard to state of emergency and the guidelines issued by the Tigrai government. Religous leaders should keep sending their messages to the public in a more stern way. The government of Tigrai should also issue more strict guidelines regarding social distancing if they need to they should more drastic measures. There is no more pressing or greater issue than the health and safety of our people. If the people are not taking this seriously it has the potential to compromise the security of the state exposing us to all sorts of threats including military threats from the enemy. 

The entire world is trying to contain this virus and minimize the alarming loss of life and Tigrai people need to be extra careful. Tigrai should get out of this situation stronger than before and we can if we work together as a united people.