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Who is the Real 'Banda' and Who is the True 'Patriot' ?

By seifeselassie G.
Tigrai Online, Dec. 16, 2018

Tigrai was the center of Ethiopia, but now Tigrai is the center of Tigrai, from now on, a single Tigrawai will not die for this hopeless country.

  1. The one that heroically defended Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity for ages throughout all the past difficult times and specially at the northern frontiers in numerous fierce historical battles such as Dogali, Gura, Gundet, Sahati, Kufit, Senhit, Aylet Metema, Mekelle and Adwa against Italians, Egyptians and the Mahdists of Sudan including sacrificing its Emperor at the battle of Metema;

OR the one that committed the highest treason by shamelessly selling vast parts of the then Ethiopian territories namely Eritrea and Djibouti to Italian and French Colonizers in exchange for armaments and some financial gains;

  1. The one that sacrificed over 60 thousand of its sons and daughters in order to liberate the whole Country from the Derge’s fascist military dictatorship;

OR the one that committed genocide by slaughtering a whole generation (hundreds of thousands) of innocent youth during its infamous “Red Terror” campaigns;

  1. The one that successfully launched the “Ethiopia Renaissance”, that laid down the blueprint for the speedy socio-economic transformation of the Country and that performed economic miracles in all sectors be it in healthcare, education, infrastructure, agriculture, industry, commerce, urban development, etc. and that catapulted the Country’s GDP from 8 billion Dollars (1991) to 80 plus billion Dollars (2017) and slashed its poverty rate from 65 % to 23 % in just 25 years making the Country the fastest growing economy in the World, the hallmark of success story among developing Countries the World over which was deservingly dubbed as the “African Lion”;

OR the one that kept Ethiopia in extreme destitution and abject poverty for ages making it the poorest of the poor and poster child of hunger and famine and the laughing stock of the World and that even made the term famine to be synonymous with Ethiopia in World dictionaries specially after the catastrophic man-made famines of 1977 and 1984;

  1. The one that courageously launched the historic GERD project that was supposed to be a game changer in the electrification and industrialization drive of the Country against all odds and multiple national enemies including severe financial hurdles by working tirelessly for the last seven years to make it a reality;

OR the one that publicly sabotaged and halted the GERD project including killing its project manager and a national hero, Engineer Simegnew Bekele;

  1. the one that made the Country a respected and a real sovereign nation with independent foreign and economic policy based solely on the Country’s national security interests and that made the Country a regional superpower with a force to be reckoned with be it economically, politically, or militarily;

OR the one that embarked on shameful and treasonous policies solely to serve the interests of foreign powers and turned the Country into a vassal and a subservient state to not only of Western neoliberals but of Egypt, Eritrea and of rotten Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates as well;


  1. The one that established an island of peace in the troubled Horn of Africa area by building absolute peace, stability and rule of law and by completely protecting the lives and properties of citizens throughout the last 27 years;

OR the one that is only good at making endless speeches and empty rhetoric while in reality pushed the Country to complete chaos, anarchy and lawlessness resulting in over 2 million internally displaced people and rampant ethnic genocide;

  1. The one that planted the seed of democracy and implemented democratic governance for the first time in Ethiopia (albeit not perfect as it took more than 250 years for the USA to reach its present far from perfect democracy);


OR the one whose only contribution is “archaic feudal system” and “Fascist military dictatorship” where human rights and democratic governance were not only non-existent but unheard of in the Country;

I leave the answer to the informed good judgement of my dear readers though it has already been meticulously articulated by reputable historians. In closing, please keep in mind that 'everyone is entitled to their own opinion BUT not to their own fact.'