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New demonstrations erupted in Oromia and Oromo activists denounce Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Tigrai Online, Dec. 4, 2018

New fresh demonstrations erupted in Oromia state and Oromo activists denounce Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. You have to listen to what the Oromo activist Ggege Kiya has said about Dr. Abiy Ahmed.


New fresh demonstrations erupted in Oromia state and Oromo activists are denouncing the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Instability is spreading in the entire country of Ethiopia like wildfire meanwhile the Dr. Abiy Ahmed is pretending everything in Ethiopia is peaceful and rosy. Thousands of people are out demonstrating against the Abiy government in Oromia regional state.

Somali regional state has active rebellion going on even some members of the Federal Police from Somali state openly condemn Dr. Abiy Ahmed for making venerable for attacks. Tigrai state is simmering and the majority Tigraian population has lost any trust in the federal government. They are angry the federal system which was established in after heavy sacrifice is now being destroyed.


The new Ethiopian prime minister is acting like he is working for foreign governments instead of for the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian people are realizing what is happening.

New demonstrations erupted in Oromia
New fesh demonstrations erupted in Oromia state. Instability is spreading to the entire country of Ethiopia.


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