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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 beginend Congratulations to the Ethiopian Defense Forces for a job well done. Gabre Yohannes Abate, the Ethiopian troop commander in Somalia (AP Photo/Mohamed Sheikh Nor)


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Alemnesh Desie
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Ethiopian Deffence Forces in Tesseney
Ethiopian Deffence Forces in Tesseney


Water Bed

French doctor: Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another and have him looking for work in six weeks.

German doctor: That's nothing; we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another and have them looking for work in four weeks.

Russian doctor: In my country medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.

Texas doctor: You guys are way behind; we recently took a man with no brain out of Texas, put him in the White House for eight years, and now half the country is looking for work.

Headline News

Jan. 31 2009

Moderate Elected President in Somalia
A moderate Islamic cleric was elected president of Somalia early Saturday morning by the Somali Parliament, which was meeting in Djibouti.

The African Union urged the International Criminal Court Friday to suspend its indictment of Sudan's president on genocide charges, saying it could jeopardize any peace process in Darfur.

India has announced additional funding of US$166.33 million line of credit (LOC) towards the sugar development projects in Ethiopia, from its previous commitment of US$640 million, local media report here Friday.

Eritrean refugees caught between Egypt and Israel
In early January, Egypt starting deporting Eritrean refugees -- somewhere between 45 and 65 are thought to have been sent home.

Jan. 30 2009

EU grants 250 million euros to Ethiopia
African foreign ministers demand UN Gaza probe
Eritrea Police Raid Church Service; Dozens Detained

Jan. 29 2009

South Africa openes a state-of-the-art embassy in Addis Ababa
Smith promises stronger African ties at AU meeting
Africa must focus on infrastructure despite crisis
Djibouti will resist war with Eritrea: president

Jan. 28 2009

Teen jailed for bashing father-of-four to death
Opposition MPs sworn in as Somali plan advances
Ethiopia’s Jews long for life in Israel
Eritrea Seizes Four Yemeni Fishing Boats

Jan. 27 2009

Red Sea Afar rebels attack Eritrean military camp
Islamist fighters seize Somali government seat
Somali Islamist leader wants peace with Ethiopia

Jan. 26 2009

AU representatives meeting kicks off in Ethiopia

Jan. 25 2009

Somali-American men Recruited For Jihad?

Jan. 24 2009

IMF Executive Board Approves US$50 Million Disbursement to Ethiopia
State supplies hide, skin worth 7 mln birr to central market
Suicide car bomb, gunfight kill 19 civilians in Somalia
Security forces in NW Somalia seize illegal missile launchers

Jan. 23 2009

Epsilon Energy Ltd. Provides Operations Update for Ethiopia
Free flight to Ethiopia. Companions fly free on Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian harvests increase by 9.5 last year

Jan. 22 2009

Int’l delegation lauds Ethiopia for handling Eritrean refugees
Three Eritrean Christians die in military camps

Jan. 21 2009

President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address (Text and video)
Girl found murdered mother's body

Jan. 20 2009

Chuna Okok from Gambella is 2009 miss Ethiopia

Jan. 19 2009

African immigrants help shape Portland's small black community
Production Depot & Connect Ethiopia Call for Equipment

Jan. 17 2009

Ethiopian Airlines to manage West Africa's regional carrier
Islamist militia has executed a Somali politician
UN to support Somalia peacekeeping mission
Sudan extradites Ethiopian fugitive to face graft charges
Eritrea rejects UN demand for border pull-back
Eritrea has rejected a U.N. Security Council demand that it withdraw military forces from its border with Djibouti within five weeks.
Editor’s comment: The psychotic leaders of Eritrea right out rejected the UN demand to pull-back from the border with Djibouti. The Eritreans know the spineless organization which is used as an American tooth peak wouldn't do any thing. It could be the usual empty brovado from the UN, but what if they mean business? Then the PFDJ leaders who are victims of believing their own propaganda are digging their own graves.

Jan. 16 2009

Islamists Take Over Ethiopian Bases in Mogadishu
Thousands cheer Ethiopia pull-out

Jan. 15 2009

Grenade blast wounds 33 at Ethiopian bus station
UN in Eritrea pull-out ultimatum
Last Ethiopian Troops Leave Somalia's Capital
PM Meles invites Eritrea for peace if they feel the need for it

Jan. 14 2009

US launches American chamber of commerce in Ethiopia
China Wants UN Role in Somalia as Ethiopian Troops Withdraw

Jan. 13 2009

US Circulating Resolution for Somalia UN Force
Eritreans top rising Swiss asylum claims
Central Bank Depreciates Birr by 5pc against Dollar

Jan. 12 2009

Ethiopia's Top Opposition Politician Ends Prison Hunger Strike
Lesson learned from misdiagnosis
Man gets 3 years in child porn case
Ethiopia seeks to double coffee output by 2014
Somalis Welcome Defeat of al-Shabaab Islamists

Jan. 11 2009

US investor thinks Ethiopia will break apart in a few years
Clashes between Somali Islamists kill 29, wound 50
Swede named in White House chef speculation
Ethiopian newspaper examines state of democracy
Eritrea group seeks human rights

Jan. 10 2009

Embracing the Ethiopian Christmas
Islamic militants are main Somali threat -president
Red Cross repatriates 1766 Ethiopians, Eritreans in 2008

Jan. 09 2009

Scary possibilities for the future of Africa’s most utterly failed state
Commentary on President Isayas Afeworki latest Interview with his own TV station.
Ethiopia dismisses threat against oil explorers
Ethiopian star joins Boston Indoor field
Embassy to inaugurate 1st Japanese language Unit at Mekelle University
U.S. Navy launches force to crack down on piracy

Jan. 08 2009

Seattle woman's tenacity builds clinic for poor in Ethiopia
Ethiopian coffee gets a global flavour with Futures
Egypt deports 32 Eritreans trying to go to Israel
EAL passengers urged not to bring prohibited food items to America

Jan. 06 2009

Ethiopia imposes aid agency curbs

Jan. 05 2009

Researcher hopes to put fuel cells on the fast track

Jan. 04 2009

Mission accomplished: Ethiopian National Deffence Forces start to pull out of Somalia
Ethiopia to Complete Somalia Withdrawal 'Within Days'
Burundi, Uganda call for reinforcements in Somaliia

Jan. 03 2009

Khat -- is it more coffee or cocaine?khat is a regular part of life, often consumed at social gatherings
In the Horn of Africa and parts of the Middle East, khat is a regular part of life, often consumed at social gatherings or in the morning before work and by students studying for exams.

Latest rockets manufactured in China

Jan. 02 2009

Ethiopia says final Somalia pullout under way
Ethiopia says approved $16 bln in investments in 2008
Ethiopia and the World Bank Sign Education Loan Agreement

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Investment in Ethiopia in 2008
Ethiopian Investment Agency
Jan. 26 2009

Desta, Asayehgn Ph.D.
Jan. 26 2009

O.N.L.F admits one of its leaders (Dr. Mohamed Siraad Dolaal) is killed
ONLF Press Release
Jan. 24 2009

Epsilon Energy Ltd. Provides Operations Update for Ethiopia
Jan. 23 2009

A flawed Strategy Paper for the US President-elect: Comment on John Prendergast and John Norris Centre for American Progress
Jan. 17 2009

Zeliki Reayi-Tigrigna poem
G. E. Gorfu
Jan. 15 2009

Anything is possible in America says Tewolde Habtemicael
Teri Vance (Nevada Appeal)
Jan. 15 2009

Ms. Birtukan Mideksa’s Imprisonement…
G. E. Gorfu
Jan. 10 2009

Commentary on President Isayas Afeworki latest Interview with his own TV station.
Jan. 09 2009

Why Eritrea Should Matter to the United States
Scott A Morgan
Jan. 08 2009

Chauvinists and Extremists
Barking in DCChauvinists Barking in DC

Tigrai Online
Dec 23 2008


Imaginative Observations of a Child:
Ghebremichael, Asghedom
Dec. 23 2008

Begging Djibouti Port
Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 19 2008

Chinese Investments in Ethiopia Political Warfare Operations or South-South Cooperation?
Desta, Asayehgn Ph.D.
Dec. 04 2008

How to get your child to behave
Melissa Lahti
Dec. 04 2008

Nov. 29 2008

Do credit repair and loan consolidation work?
Senai Haftu
Nov. 24 2008

Why Donate your Car?
Donate car for tax refund

Melissa Lahti
Nov. 20 2008


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