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FM Seyoum Mesfin on the new policy about readmitting EritreansFM Seyoum mesfin

Isaias Interview with Swedish TVPresident Isaias Afewirki of Eritrea

Terrorist leader is Birgader General Tefera MammoETV news says Coup De tat leader is Birgader General Tefera Mammo
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June 30 2009

US Looks to Expand Development Aid to Strategic Partner Ethiopia
"The deep relationship between the United States and Ethiopia is based on a number of shared values, shared concerns," said Lew. "The strategic relationship remains a very important one, and we value it. I think it is mutually valued by the government of Ethiopia and the government of the United States."
Editors comment: There was huge expectations by the extremists in the Diaspora the Obama administration will be cooling the relationship or downright hostile to the EPRDF government in Ethiopia. Some of their websites were talking about trying one more time the banana revolution like they did after the 2005 election. Everyone knows the Ginbot-7 fiasco a few weeks ago. The extremists with the help of shabiya tried and they are still trying to lobby some USA officials to get them to pass resolutions that damage the deep relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. After all the cries and in Washington DC and European capitals on one hand, and blackmailing working with ONLf, Al Qaida and Somali Islamic Courts to destabilize Ethiopia on the other, they did not go an inch to achieve their goal which is destroying Ethiopia and the people of Tigrai. The article below by Peter Heinlein is a fine example of the Diaspora extremists’ failure and the Obama administration is warming up to the Ethiopian government’s efforts to bring the country to the 21st century. Extremism and resistance to democracy in Ethiopia is futile.

Bombshell Sara Nuru graces the cover of Cosmo
Bombshell Sara Nuru graces the cover of Cosmo
Tigrai Online
June 29 2009

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Dilwenberu Nega
June 26 2009

King of Pop star Michael Jackson dead at 50King of Pop world star Michael Jackson dead at 50

Tigrai State government thanks for TDA projects
Tigrai State
June 25 2009

Unanswered questions from Ato Sighat Nega
Yekuno Mesfin
June 25 2009

The need for paradigm change-III
G. E. Gorfu
June 23 2009

Response to the writer of “Making the Case for an Oromo Prime Minister”
Getachew Reda
June 23 2009

Making the Case for an Oromo Prime Minister
Bekele Negeri
June 20 2009

The Evidence against Eritrea is incontrovertible
June 19 2009

It is just the Mind set stupid
Mussie G.
June 18 2009

Fiasco: the choleric Diaspora’s Meeting in the House of Commons
Dilwenberu Nega
June 17 2009

Dr. Aberra Embaye, MD.
June 13 2009

Eritrean National United Front press release
June 11 2009

Geemboat 7 and Shabea: the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of terrorism
Dilwenberu Nega
June 06 2009

Panel discussion between Mayor of Adwa and Bisrat Kebede on the issue of Queen Sheba School on voice of America.
(Move the time to 19:26)
Bisrat Tefery
June 06 2009

Unite the Nation: Motivate the citizen and set free Political Prisoners
Gezaee Hailemichael
June 05 2009

Housing investment opportunity in Tigrai State (pdf Tigringa)
State of Tigrai
June 04 2009

UTNA press release on Ginbot 20
June 02 2009

Listen to Asena radio from 29-05-2009
Tigrai Online Visitor
May 30 2009

The Need for Paradigm Change
Part I
| Part II
G. E. Gorfu
May 29 2009

Is Isaias thinking the unthinkable? If he is where to?
Tigrai Online
May 29 2009

Fetters of Love
G. E. Gorfu
May 27 2009


President Issayas lectures the World, masquerading as defender of Ethiopia Unity
May 23 2009

Chinese Investment in Ethiopia: Developmental Opportunity or Deepening China’s New Mercantilism?
Professor Desta Asayehgn
May 21 2009

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Dilwenberu Nega
May 20 2009

Molefefew Latew(poem)
G. E. Gorfu
May 17 2009


The Loot from Maqdala, 1868: Some Historical Ideas of Repatriation
Professor Richard Pankhurst (Dejazmach Benkrew)
May 11 2009

Ethiopia (poem)
Loala Gebrakedan
May 11 2009

Tigringa article by Kassa Reda
May 10 2009


Agazi School Alumni Association 14th fundraisingAgazi School Alumni Association 14th fundraising

Awlaelo night in Washington DCAwlaelo night in Washington DC

Toronto fundraising to build public library in MekelleToronto fundraising to build public library in Mekelle

Ethiopian Christians and Believers in North AmericaRequesting your help and assistance for Saint Yared Theological College in Axum