The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


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Eritrea under Isayass

Ethiopia a country in a fast track

Nothing or no one can stop our country Ethiopa, thanks to the sacrifice made by our martyrs we will reach to the top no matter what.

Headline News

June 30 2010

The City of Denver park improvements groundbreaking today for Axum Park
Q&A-Has Eritrea softened its foreign policy?
Chinese Foreign Minister Meets Ethiopian Counterpart
Shoe Firms Undergo Testing for Big US Deal

June 29 2010

Worldwide Cost of Living survey 2010-Addis the cheapest in Africa
Inside Ethiopia's fusion jazz scene
China, Ethiopia vow to build closer military ties
What's the impact on the kid when celebs adopt from abroad?>

June 28 2010

Ethiopia doubts Eritrea's intentions in border deal
E African nations firm on Nile deal
Traditional Ethiopian Teff Injera (Gluten-Free)
Ethiopian Airlines trusts in Aviareps' expertise and extends cooperation to Russia
Ethiopian FGM Radio Warnings Reach Nomadic Women

June 26 2010

Ethiopia claims rebels depleted after deal
Battle for the Nile as rivals lay claim to Africa's great river

June 25 2010

Nile basin treaty faces new pressure
Ethiopia: Farmers Break Down Barriers To Markets
Africa 'witnessing birth of a new ocean'

June 24 2010

Innocent Man Mistakenly Taken Down By Metro Police
Ethiopia rebels to lay down arms: govt
Netanyahu: Uproot discrimination against Ethiopians

June 23 2010

ONLF rebel faction signs ceasefire deal with Ethiopia
Forgotten Korean War Heroes from Ethiopia
In Eritrea, the Young Dream of Leaving

June 22 2010

'Africa's Mother Teresa' on raising Ethiopia's famine orphans
Ethiopia says hosting 150,000 refugees from neighboring countries
Former Ethiopian CEO Proposes Provision of Wind Turbines
New hominid moves back date of walking upright
Ethiopia ruling party wins poll

Ethiopian community in Toronto supports PM Meles Zenawi

This is not about PM Meles Zenawi, it is way bigger than that. It is about the country Ethiopa getting the respect it deserves in the world community.

June 19 2010

Thousands at KeyArena pay respects to victims of last Saturday's fatal fire
UN Africa corruption case buried

June 18 2010

Ethiopia woos Indian hospitals to set up branches
For Eritrean expatriate press, intimidation in exile
Ethiopia's Opposition parties chanllenge election in supreme court
Rattling door forces Ethiopian plane to return to Beirut

June 17 2010

Ethiopia seeks Indian help in agriculture, health
Taking organic farming to Ethiopia
Seattle Police Officer Caught On Tape Punching Black teen girl
Ethiopia's May inflation quickens to 7.4 percent
Africa Oil Signs Agreement to Acquire South Omo Block in Ethiopia
Unite to fight militias, Somalia leaders told

June 16 2010

Ethiopia imports $1.2 Billion fuel from Sudan, Djibouti
Cement Sales Soar as Prices Slump
Fatal fire may have started in mattress

June 15 2010

Ethiopia aims to turn itself into a regional energy giant
Ethiopia: Safe water projects go operational
Efficiency of the health extension programme in Tigray, Ethiopia: a data envelopment analysis
StreamServe and SAP, Continues Its Support of UNICEF's Clean Water for Ethiopia
Allana Potash Confirms Shallow Potash Mineralization and Releases Drill Results

June 14 2010

G-8 Summit: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt and 5 other African nations invited
Fatal fire leaves survivors, firefighters seeking answers
Beautiful mountains of Ethiopia

June 11 2010

Ethiopian moves to broaden foothold in Africa
Ethiopian Girl Has Heart Surgery In Jax
US supports south Sudan’s independence

June 10 2010

Ethiopia sees 2010/11 spending up 20 pct at $5.7 bln
Lufthansa Challenges Air France-KLM in Ethiopia, Congo, Le Figaro Reports
Eritrea opposition "prepares military offencive"

June 09 2010

The village that will not need food aid
Ethiopia rules out elections re-run
President Obama nominates Mimi E. Alemayehou, Board of Directors of the African Development Foundation
Stratex International expands acreage in Afar Depression
UN chief lauds Eritrea-Djibouti deal

June 08 2010

Ethiopia’s Peace Score Showed Biggest Gain in 2009, Survey Says
Widows unite to cope with horrors of Somalia's Al Shabab
6 Yemeni fishing boats hijacked in international waters

June 07 2010

Gates to spend $1.5 billion on women's health
Ethiopian Government denies food aid "manipulated" for political gain
Ethiopia- ICT –Tax exemption

June 05 2010

‘War Clouds Gather…’* Over the Nile
Ethiopia's endangered species on the increase
Study Identifies 17 Countries, Territories as World's Worst Human Rights Abusers

June 03 2010

Biosphere reserves in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe join UN list
Qatari Forces Deployed On The Eritrean-Djibouti Border
Ancient prayer book returned to Ethiopia
'Greening Ethiopia' breaks a vicious cycle

June 02 2010

Eritrean oppositions uniting to oust Eritrean regime
Gilat to Provide Satellite Communications Equipment for SchoolNet Project Expansion in Ethiopia
Ethiopian men finish 1-2-3 in Bolder Boulder
Harsco Expands Presence in Africa, Secures Infrastructure Support Role on Major Hydroelectric Project in Ethiopia

May 31 2010

Anniversary of Demise of Military Dictatorship Celebrated!!!
Egypt warns that new Nile agreement could prove a 'death sentence'
Burundi, Rwanda Expel Human Rights Watch Workers



Now Medrek has used its last remaining life-line, it’s time to end ‘vuvuzela politics.’
Dilwenberu Nega

IMF says Ethiopia has moved to restore economic stability while maintaining strong growth

Ethiopia is one of top 20 countries making progress on millennium development goals
(End Poverty 2015)

19th anniversary of Gunbet 20, celebrated on 30th of May 2010 in London

ONLF rebel faction signs ceasefire deal with Ethiopia

Stand as one to build a prosperous and strong Ethiopia beyond political differences
Tezera Asegu

East African Community unites in grief over 5 lives lost in Seattle fire

Poem about Professor Teshome of UCLA by Gebre Reta
Gebre Reta

Development association's in Ethiopia and the sparkling involvment of the Diaspora
Ewnet Mezgebu

DASNA's Press Release regarding the recent tragedy in Seattle

Justification of the Ethiopian 2010 national election
Fanowody Samara

Election Amharic article
Akaki Kaliti

EPDRF’s massive landslide victory does not portray the swansong of multi-party democracy in Ethiopia.
Dilwenberu Nega

‘War Clouds Gather…’* Over the Nile
Challa Gudina

EPDRF’s massive landslide victory does not portray the swansong of multi-party democracy in Ethiopia.
Dilwenberu Nega

‘War Clouds Gather…’* Over the Nile
Challa Gudina

Toronto welcomes Prime Minster Meles Zenawi
The Ethiopian Communities Council of Canada in collaboration with the Tigrayan Association in Toronto will be hosting an all-night party.
Place: Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre
840 St. Clair Avenue West (At Winona Drive and St. Clair Avenue West) Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010
Everyone is invited
Dress Code: Cultural or Formal

Open letter to Jerome McDonnell, Chicago Public Radio
Mulu GS

Ethiopia is the country with a fast growing economy-1-
Abba Hagos Woldu

Anniversary of Demise of Military Dictatorship Celebrated!!!
Tsehaye Tessema

London based Amhara development Association news
Tezera Asegu

Nile River (poem)
G.E. Gorfu

Victorious EPDRF: magnanimous but no gullible.
Dilwenberu Nega

Domestic demand and foreign interests are different.
Aba Hagos Woldu

Sting like a bee!!!
Hadish Hagos

Again Congratulation and More Than that
A. Hagos Woldu

English Instruction Medium for Primary Schools in Indigenous Agaw-Awi Social Context Whilst Rehabilitating Its Language and Culture
Chekole A

Human Rights Watch and the State Department-The other side of the same coin
Dereje M

World Wide Union of Ethiopian Students Establishment

Message of Solidarity
Harari National League

When Human Rights Watch becomes Human Rights Latch
Dilwenberu Nega