Ethiopian Election 2010 Debate 7 Part 1-9

The EPRDF, Kinijit, Medrek, MEAD, EDP and BUDP debate on the topic of Agriculture and Land Policy in Ethiopia

Headline News

April 30 2010

Ethiopia to benefit from low-tech cervical cancer screening.
Ethiopia reburies Mengistu victims
Ethiopian graduates 28 Aviation technicians
Monkeys filmed feasting on locust swarm in Ethiopia

April 29 2010

Fight breaks out among Ethiopian opposition.
Experienced UN official appointed to senior political post at world body
'We're not hunting a man, we're hunting for a monster'

April 28 2010

Give Medrek enough rope and it will hang itself.
A Public Meeting by high officials of the Government of Ethiopia was held in London on 24th April 2010
ETHIOPIA: Racing to contain MDR-TB
Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Accuses Opposition of Planning Violence

April 27 2010

Egypt better off settling water spat with Ethiopia led Nile Basin negotiations
New Forum Seeks to Prune GMO Law
Ethiopians ‘will bring strong team to Nairobi’
Israel wants to send 13000 Eritrean infiltrators back to Eritrea
Editor's comment: The Eritrean government would be very happy to get back 13,000 conscripted soldiers to their rapidly disapearing army, but they would be infuriated at isreal’s interior Minister for calling the Sawa boys and girls who are fleeing Eritrea in droves infiltrators. Lately the Eritrean president-for-life would prefer to call them "Warsai Yikalo vacationers".

April 26 2010

EU to deploy 150 observers for Ethiopia polls
Ethiopia sounds alarm over new malaria prone areas
Ethiopian Kebede wins London Marathon

April 23 2010

Eritrean rebels claim they put out of use 11 government soldiers
PM, IMF Agree on Nation’s Economic Progress
Ethiopian troops jail about 15 Somali clerics in southern Somalia

April 22 2010

Climate Change Increasing Poverty and Vulnerability in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Will Mark National Earth Day with Special Events
Djibouti says Eritrea will bow to UN sanctions

April 21 2010

Ghion Hotel is going back to the royal family
Hey our intellectual toffs! You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren.
Survey: Ethiopians do not like Western movies and music
Police: Hospital shooter mentally ill, had grudge

April 20 2010

Ethiopia accuses Egypt of delaying Nile treaty
Health Experts Gather In Ethiopia To Discuss Child, Maternal Health In Africa
Ethiopia - Djibouti: Row erupts over new port directive

April 19 2010

Egypt and Ethiopia Lock horns over Nile water deal
White honey grows scarce as bees abandon Ethiopia's parched peaks
Thousands of Ethiopians are stranded by ash cloud
The US Sanctions Yemane Ghebreab, the Most Trusted Advisor of President Isaias Afwerki, for Sponsoring Terrorism in Somalia

April 17 2010

Cheesesteak stand slayer sentenced to 123 years in prison
Dawit Isaac: Jailed 3,127 days in Eritrea without trial
Security forces arrest 113 Ethiopian immigrants in Puntland

April 16 2010

Admiral: authorities should go after pirate money
Security Council Committee on Somalia and Eritrea Issues List of Individuals Identified Pursuant to Paragraph 8 of Resolution 1844 (2008)

April 15 2010

ARRA opens third camp in Tigray state for Eritrean refugees
Boozing it up in Ethiopia
Ethiopia's inflation quickens to 7.4 pct in March
Ethiopian community leader pleads guilty to taxi bribery scheme

April 14 2010

Top Businesspeople Raise 20m Br for EPRDF
AU to send monitors for Ethiopia's May polls
Heavy Machinery at 84tn Lugged in for Chinese Cement Factory
Elias Aba Milki receives $25K grant for study of hip-hop's healing potential
HBO Documentary Chronicles Life of Doctor in Ethiopia

April 13 2010

EU To Dispatch Its Election Observation Mission In Ethiopia
Ethiopia's ETC Chooses Gilat's Satellite Network to Provide Broadband Services
IMF board to decide on loan request next month

April 11 2010

Birth pangs of democracy
Truth about jailed journalists is locked away in Eritrea
Ethiopian to sell Fokker aircraft
Ethiopians dominate in Paris
First Lady Azeb urges women to combat poverty

April 09 2010

Tigray and its ancient civilization
British oil worker shot dead in Ethiopia
Ethiopia says rebels will disarm and surrender
Ethiopia launches first science academy
Ethiopian Banking: Moving fast without haste

April 07 2010

Gov’t Exhibits Zest for Turkish Zone with $600m Support
Emami says to set up power plant in Ethiopia
Minister claims senior Al-Qaeda arrive in Somalia
Swedish journalist held in tough Eritrean jail

April 06 2010

France Telecom takes over management of ETC
Ethiopia sees boost in export returns this year
Ethiopia gets Chinese equity fund office
IOM Assists Ethiopian Migrants Stranded in Somalia with Return Home
Ethiopian Fossil Changes Ideas of Ant Origins
Zephyrus Lake Ziway Beckons Ark Adventurers

April 05 2010

Voice of hagerfiker Interview with Ambassador Taye AtskeSelassie
Allana Potash Commences Phase I Drilling at Ethiopian Potash Project
Electric Car Maker sees Transportation 'Revolution' in Ethiopia
Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Makalle, Ethiopia

April 04 2010

Kenya, Ethiopian carriers battle for West Africa skies
Ethiopia, Egypt reaffirm commitment to regional peace

April 03 2010

Ethiopia: Victim of unceasing political attacks under pretexts of Human Rights
Someone may ask why HRW has come with such distorting report at this time. The answer is crystal clear that it is serving the enemies of Ethiopia who never ever want to see its unity, development, peace and democracy. Editor's Comment: Why is the VOA spending millions of dollars to broadcast via satellite to Ethiopia on election season? Do you think they care about the Ethiopian people's wellbeing and best interest? Do they care about our country’s sovereignty and national integrity? Do they care about Birtukan Midkesa? The answer for this entire question is a big fat NO! Then why are they insisting to get involved in our affairs? Well simple, they are smart people looking after their own interest even if that means to trample over ours to get what they want. So what do you do when someone try to destroy your house?
Tilahun Regassa wins the Crescent City Classic Saturday

April 02 2010

Eritrea Doubly Evil
Ex-aide to Jim Graham faces more charges in cab industry probe
Sudan stalling Arab League resolution condemning Eritrea


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