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Abiy Ahmed Must Stop the hidden war against the Oromo people in Wellega

Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online March 20, 2020

Oromos in Ethiopia fighting against Abiy Ahmed government

Enough is enough. When our Ethiopian people are under continuous dehumanization, we Ethiopians are forced to break our silence. I ask everyone to join the voices for the voiceless people in Ethiopia, particularly the people in Wellega.

While the world fights to eradicate the outbreak of the pandemic disease caused by the Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19), the illegitimate prosperity party (PP) is expanding its unjustified atrocities in Wellega. The OLF cannot be a scapegoat to isolate the entire Wellega people from the rest of the world at this critical time.


Are the Wellega people not part of the global community that deserve to live, and to be respected?  In the twenty first (21st) century and in the age of the digital world, until when are the Wellega people going to be silenced, killed and excluded?

 The prosperity party has forced the people of Wellega to live under the lifestyle of the dark-ages. The people in Wellega are denied the right to live and the access to every means of communications.

Today, the BBC reported that Abiy Ahmed opposed the attack on foreigners in Ethiopia on suspicions of Corona virus infections. I would say any suspected ill person deserves emergency treatment and Medical care. It is inhuman and a crime to attack people even if they are infected.

Ethiopian people are decent people known for their exceptional hospitality especially for foreigners. However, the illegitimate prosperity party lead by Colonel Abiy Ahmed and its team are the culprits behind the crimes committed all over Ethiopia before and after they came to power. However, as usual Colonel Abiy is trying to lie and cheat the Ethiopians and the international community.



Colonel Abiy Ahmed made killings innocent people and every forms of crimes a normal way of life in Ethiopia. Under his leadership and direct orders the people in the western part of Ethiopia (Wellega) are being killed at this moment. 

According to the Economist published on March, 2020 “mass arrests and summary execution have become a common place in Oromia.”  The illegitimate Abiy Ahmed’s administration has Oromia people’s blood on its hands.

To restore the peace, dignity and overall stability of Ethiopia, the few members of the prosperity party that have become the culprits of the crimes in Ethiopia may need to be quarantined in each regional states.

As it is published on Tigrai online on January 1, 2020 under the title “Tigray has no room for the illegal prosperity party” the Tigray people quarantined the ignorance of the PP at its inception and they became the most peaceful regional state in Ethiopia. I suggest, Ethiopians to consider the Tigray people experience as the best role model for the peace of their regional states.

Power belongs to the people!

Voices for the voiceless!