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The conspiracy against the Ethiopian Constitution

By Molla Mitiku Ayenew
Tigrai Online May 13, 2020

Molla Mitiku yenew

It is incredible that officials in the Federal Government (FG) of Ethiopia have been working against the constitution that brought them to their current positions. In effect, there was a team within the ruling party that has exerted demonstrative efforts to take the Federal System (FS) to pieces since 2005. Although there were such efforts before 2005, the government failed to pay attention considering it as an insignificant scenario. Then, 2005 was the turning point where xenophobes, the scums of the overthrown dictatorial military regime and some individual conspirators from EPRDF joined hands and strengthened their intrigue against the Ethiopian Constitution.

In a surreptitious base, they began their campaign in swaying the entire people of Ethiopia particularly the youth to develop hate against not only TPLF but also the people of Tigray as their role in introducing and implementing the system is indespensible. They have also persistently worked to topple down the Constitutional Government and the Federal System (FS) in an unconstitutional manner. In fact, the conspiracy is now extended to its climax.

All the machinations against the Federal Constitution to realize Unitary Government in the country became so overt at the moment that the ill practices carried on upon the Ethiopian people in the past two consecutive years are just the activities of the last phase to amend the constitution to their own interest.

In those two years, Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNP) of Ethiopia have deprived of their democratic and fundamental rights and more than three million people were internally displaced. Prejudicial measures have been taken up on people due to their identity and many citizens were killed. Amazingly, there were murders of prominent personalities including the Chief Engineer of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Commander in Chief of the Ethiopian Defense Force and the President of the Amhara Regional State.


The government couldn’t stop pussyfoot around and make a decision to bring all politicians together to decide the political scenario of their country.  Besides, none of the complaints against the erroneous move of the government has disposed of pretty quickly and working industriously to associate all the challenges with external factors. Rather, it determinedly has tried to pawn the people off as something good for them is undergoing.

The FG has also been impairing the hate propaganda against the people of Tigray via the national media and other means like during public speeches. Many analysts argue that all these murders and the use of media to blackmail one party and people for all the sins in the country was done on purpose.

This just applying the familiar saying which goes like "the media is the most powerful entity on earth that they have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent" is really what has been happening in the country at the moment.

The collaborative efforts of some FG and the media against the Ethiopian Constitution, the FS, TPLF and the people of Tigray has hard-pressed the political scenario to a hazardous disorder at present and even it might create a mess  in the near future.

The conflicting situations have intensified between advocates of Federal and Unitary Systems following the immeasurable violation of the rights of NNP by the Federal and some Regional Governments.  It is evident that the FG has been violating the constitutional rights of Regional States and intensively has been interfering in all regions and managed to install pupate leaders in some of them.

Prosperity Party (PP) which illegally snatched the power from EPRDF has not only failed to accommodate the interests of all NNP but also denying them of their legitimacy to live, work, move in the country.

Besides, it subjected the FS to challenges which could deteriorate the unison of the people and exacerbate conflicts among each other. The PP and the FG are working to call off the rights to self-determination, which constitutionally guaranteeing NNP, their rights to secede.  They have been working restlessly to make an amendment basically to the rights stated under Article 39.


This Article states that every NNP in Ethiopia has an unconditional right to self-determination including the rights to secession. It also guaranteed every NNP in Ethiopia the right to speak, to write and develop its own language; to express, to develop and promote its culture and to preserve its history.

Calling a spade a spade, the move is just to amend this Article and other Articles of the Constitution that guaranteed rights to all NNP of Ethiopia to live together within the umbrella of the FS. In other words, the purpose is to bring back the Unitary System the country had been experiencing for a long period before the coming of EPRDF to power.

It is undeniable that the Ethiopian Federalism ensured equitable distribution of power and resources among regional states and the people of Ethiopia in the past two decades.   The country was a typical model for other African countries in introducing federalism, creating and enabling environment for strengthening democracy, in harboring refugees and ensuring fast, sustainable economic development.

Despite all these gains, the bigots who want to have political, economic and cultural dominance in the country have stood against the FS.  Therefore, the team emerged from EPRDF together with others named themselves as PP and have been exerting an extrovert effort to alter the constitution unconstitutionally.

They denied all these political, social and economic gains in the past almost for three decades describing it as the darkest age.   In fact, it might be dark for the Unitarians who have been dreaming of installing one religion, one language and one ethnic political, social and economic dominance depriving the other people of their democratic and fundamental rights.


Anyways, the PP has been working inexorable to apprehend Presidential System in the country and it needs time to do that and that is why it politicized COVID-19 and has been attempting to take advantage in elongating its stay in power via elongating the National Election for an undefined time.

In fact, now it is the peak time where the conspiracy of changing the Constitution and the FS has taking place.  Will this be really happen in Ethiopia? Could the Unitarians manage to install the Unitary System in the country? Or will their ill notion be diverted by the Federal Forces who have been attempting to join hands?  No one could be sure what exactly will happen in the near future, but time will tell us.