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Eritrea closes Ethiopia and Eritrea border crossing at Zalambessa and Senafe

By Yene Gasha
Tigrai Online, Dec. 29, 2018

Abiy Ahmed in an American flag coat standing
It appears the United States has had a direct hand in the current political machination in Ethiopia

That a covert sub-group within OPDO and ANDM (in cahoots with the U.S. and its Arab client states) orchestrated an internal coup that hijacked the real reform agenda within EPRDF is an open secret.  And, that this was done to implement the secret agenda of these foreign forces as well as for the sub-group’s own political ambition is becoming apparent each passing day.  Unfortunately, PM Abiy has allowed himself to be used as pawn within this international geopolitical game.  And now, given his apparent loss of Oromia to OLF, the PM appears to be confused about the way forward.

Unfortunately, it appears the United States has had a direct hand in the current political machination in Ethiopia.  For instance, it is widely understood that U.S. political leaders forced Lemma Megersa to step aside as chairman of OPDO back in February to give way for Abiy Ahmed’s ascent to the premiership.  U.S. operatives saw Abiy as being more malleable than Lemma in their efforts to advance their agenda, and they were not wrong.  Abiy has a storybook background.  He is an Oromo Evangelical Christian with a Muslim father.  He has an Oromo and Amhara background in his family and speaks fluent Tigrigna.  And, he is a great orator.  What’s not to love about the man?  Ethiopians will simply bow to him, while the real agenda takes root across the country.


This is of course a typical mindset of the U.S. political class.  Rightly, the U.S. understood Abiy’s potential several years ago and facilitated his rise to power after years of grooming.  Has anyone ever asked how his wife and kids came to find shelter in the U.S. for the past several years, tucked away while Abiy made his internal political maneuvers and gambits?  Obviously, they could not have legally sought political asylum in the U.S. while Abiy was in fact working as a high-ranking EPRDF official.  Yet, his wife and kids were able to legally reside in the U.S. for years.  How?  Anyone who knows U.S. immigration laws understands this skirting of basic U.S. laws must have been done with the support of the US government at the highest levels.  The question is to what end?  What is the purpose?   

Some say this is simply a small piece of the puzzle in America’s battle against China for hegemony in Africa.  Others point to the ripe economic opportunity the U.S. and its Arab client states stand to gain by advancing the failed 1980’s-style, World Bank-led privatization schemes after bringing about the death of TPLF and its Asia-style economic policies.  Regardless, it is abundantly clear that Ethiopia is being primed for predatory economic neocolonialism.  And, as expected, Abiy is playing his part beautifully.     

What the U.S. and its Arab allies do not realize is that Abiy already lost the ultimate plot when he decided to simply do the bidding of the foreign forces that brought him to power.  Over the past few months, he has been playing US-style public relations games to camouflage the real agenda.  The appointment of women to high-ranking government posts, for example, was nothing more than a political stunt.  It was an attempt to hide the real agenda behind a litany of glowing press coverage.  Meanwhile, Ethiopia is being readied for looting (piece by piece).


In the US, it is said that the office of the presidency changes its occupant (not the other way around).  Unfortunately, the Ethiopian premiership or the weight of leading an ancient and tenaciously independent nation of 110 million Ethiopians has not changed Abiy, the man.  So far, he has been unable to transform himself into a statesman.  He has been unable to rise above pity politics and put his country’s interests ahead of his own popularity.  But, we all still hold out hope.  Mr. Prime Minster, it’s time for reflection. 

Abiy Ahmed was installed to destroy the Ethiopian federal system and kick out the Chinese from Ethiopia. Majority of Ethiopians including the people of Oromia, Tigrai and Somli state.


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