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Eritreans die at sea on their way to Italy from Libya

Tigrai Online, July 11, 2012

Eritreans did at see trying to reach Italy
Boatful of immigrants mostly Eritreans die at see

54 immigrants more than half of them from Eritrea died from thirst when they ware trying to reach to Italy from Libay.

According to the one survivor an Eritrean man there was 55 people on the boat when they left Libay at the end of June. He said they almost reached Italy but they were driven away by strong winds and the got lost in the sea.

All the people died from thirst and luck of drinking water. The Eritran man was rescued by Tunisian coast guard on Monday night when they were alerted by fishermen who saw the Eritran man hanging to the broken boat.

Thousands of Eritrean youth flee their country risking their lives to get away the most repressive regime in the world.

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