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Berhanu Nega hiding from the public after abandoning the armed struggle

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, February 5, 2015

Berhanu Nega hiding from the public after abandoning the armed struggle


Every time Professor Commander Berhanu Nega made a speech, the Eritrean Satellite Television – ESAT the mouth piece of Isaias Afwerki would air his gibberish. That is what happened six months ago when Berhanu Nega and his comrades left the United States of America to lead the Ginbot-7 Arbengoch Ginbar Army awaiting them in Eritrea. ESAT journalists if you can call them that, with certain assurance that Ginbot-7 leaders would not return before they see the demise of the TPLF/EPRDF. Dr. Berhanu Nega and his lieutenants will not be back before victory ESAT announced. We were told the armed struggle needed its leaders right there in the front lines.

In a short six months all of them snack back to the United States of America because all the fake drama concocted in Washington DC blew up on their faces. The reason,  I am glad you asked, because the only and real rebel army the Tigrai People’s Democratic Movement, TPDM led by Mola Asgedom which was 99% of the so called armed struggle surrendered to the Ethiopian government. After that Isaias Afwerki and Berhanu Nega’s dream became a nightmare.

Last week Professor Commander Berhanu Nega allegedly addressed his handful followers in Silver Spring, MD, but this time the shiny video showing the heroic leader took more than two week to be released on ESAT. The extremist media presented his speech in audio only and God knows why the speech was recorded in audio only and then they brought the video after two weeks.

The question is why did the leader of Ginbot-7 hide from the public? We think his masters are so unhappy and disappointed they don’t want their puppet to be a further embarrassment for them. They needed some time to come up with a better lie to try to fool their followers. The only thing we need to point out now is the “struggle” has changed to part time struggle.

Ethiopians knew it all along there was no substance to their hot air published on ESAT when they promised victory in six months. We all knew it was drama for the Ginbot-7 cash cows (Lamye Boras) to donate more of their hard earned money to Shabiya’s cause which is to destabilize Ethiopia. The cash cows (Lamye Boras) are blinded with hate of TPLF they don’t realize where their money is going. These fools are indirectly working with the enemy who is trying day and night to dismember Ethiopia as a nation.


The majority of Ethiopians are fully aware about the Egyptian and Arab conspiracy against the glorious country on earth, Ethiopia and they are safe guarding it with everything they have including their lives just like the countless generations in the past.

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