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Berhanu Nega sneaks in to the United States from Eritrea

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, January 17, 2015

Berhanu Nega sneaks in to the United States from Eritrea
Berhanu Nega is back in the United States from Eritrea.

The leader of Arbengoch Ginbot-7 armed rebel group, Commander Professor Berhanu Nega is back in the United States after six months in Eritrea. Dr. Berhanu Nega and the senior leadership of Arbengoch Ginbot-7 left the United States of America to Eritrea to lead the rebel group to overthrow the Ethiopian government by military force.


In a highly publicized event the leaders of Ginbot-7 stated they will not be back to America before effectively removed the EPRDF government from power militarily with the help of the Eritrean regime. After six months the rebel group is disintegrating in to pieces. The real armed wing of the group, TPDM rebels led by Mola Asgedom who was also the deputy chairman of Arbengoch Ginbot-7, surrendered to the Ethiopian government in mass at the end of 2015. Without the TPDM soldiers Arbengoch Ginbot-7 is nothing so Berhanu Nega’s dream of coming to power on the back of the Tigrai rebels was ebaporated.

Even though we were told the struggle led by Dr. Berhanu Nega was at the eve of victory and that is the reason the leaders of Ginbot-7 went to Eritrea, the struggle seems to be only raging in the active imagination of the few Ginbot-7 members in Washington DC.

We heard Isaias Afwerki was so upset about Mola Asgedom and his group surrendering to Ethiopia and he was planning to keep Berhanu Nega under house arrest in Eritrea. Thanks to Hana Gobezie Berhanu Nega found an excuse to escape to Europe. Fast forward to January 2016, Berhanu Nega is back in the USA safe and sound.


Now the cash cows of ESAT and Ginbot-7 are scratching their head in disappointment. These fools were for real expecting to see the phantom Ginbot-7 rebels overrunning the Ethiopian army in Badme, Zalabesa, and Rama, and streaming to Mekelle and eventually to Addis Ababa. It didn’t happen and it will never happen.

The reality is Ginbot-7 is milking the cash cows in Washington DC and London by manipulating their emotions.

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