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President Isaias Afwerki (Ajewjew) says GERD is a White Elephant

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, January 28, 2016

President Isaias Afwerki (Ajewjew) says GERD is a White Elephant

Isaias Afwerki the Eritrean Mafia leader belittled the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in an interview he gave to the Eritrean TV.


President Ajewjew Isaias Afwerki was interviewed by his TV station as part of his annual mind-numbing speeches addressing his tiny nation. The whole world knows after the Badme war the false myth that was created by the Egyptian mercenary leaders of Shabiya is cut down to size.

The Eritrean people learned the truth about the Shabiya leaders the hard way that after one quarter of their country was occupied by the gallant Ethiopian defense forces in less than a month at the battle of Badme. The sad truth is the Eritrean tyrant thinks he is somebody and the world masses are his audience, so year after year he repeats himself like a broken record about issues he has absolutely no idea.

This year the Eri-TV journalists asked him what he thought about the arguments between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan concerning the GERD mega dam. It is unbelievable how this moronic imbecile tried to reduce the GERED in to a personal vendetta of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

He said when Ethiopia and Eritrea was in good terms in 1993 Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and himself were in Cairo for and OAU meeting and Meles mentioned to him he will bring the Nile issues to the stage, but Isaias advised him not bring it up because it was not the right time. He says at dinner time Meles looked furious, when Isaias asked him what was wrong, allegedly Meles told him when he told some Egyptian official that Ethiopia was bringing the issue of Nile to the stage, the Egyptian government official told him “who are you”. After that Meles threatened punish the Egyptians by saying he will do what the Turkish did to Syria and Iraq.

The truth is the evil tyrant is manufacturing lies to make himself grandeur than Meles.

First of all the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is Ethiopian and has nothing to do with Eritrea. Second the Blue Nile River is an Ethiopian issue not Eritrean so the moron has no say on it.

We know he is trying to do his masters work by labeling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a political tool, but he is not doing a good job of it.

In reality the idea of building a dam on the Nile River was started long time ago not in 1993 as the Eritrean tyrant clamed. Read the following paragraph from an article by by Andrew Carlson in the University Ohio website. In the article Mr. Carlson says: “Emperor Haile Selassie was offended by President Nasser’s exclusion of Ethiopia in the Nile Waters Agreement and in planning for building the Aswan Dam. He negotiated the 1959 divorce of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church from the Orthodox Church in Alexandria, ending 1600 years of institutional marriage.

He also began planning for several dams on the Blue Nile and its tributaries, contributing $10 million dollars from the Ethiopian treasury towards a study by the U.S. Department of Reclamation resulting in a seventeen volume report completed in 1964 and titled Land and Water Resources of the Blue Nile Basin: Ethiopia.

Nasser responded by encouraging Muslims in Eritrea (reunified with Ethiopia after World War II) to secede from Ethiopia. He also encouraged Muslim Somalis to fight for the liberation of Ethiopia’s Ogaden region.

Source: http://origins.osu.edu/article/who-owns-nile-egypt-sudan-and-ethiopia-s-history-changing-dam


The Ethiopian people determined to build the mega dam and many more to bring prosperity and development to their country despite enemies propaganda motivated by jealousy.

By the way the rivers name is Abay or Nile in English, why do they keep referring to it as Nill in Arabic? Do you see any Arab in the room?

President Ajewjew your evil plan against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people has failed, it is about time you get this fact in to your thick scull.

Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki telling the truth for the first time

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