Did an Ethiopian spokesperson say the Eritrean PFDJ government is not a threat?
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Did an Ethiopian spokesperson say the Eritrean PFDJ government is not a threat?

Tigrai Online, Sept. 27, 2017

The above picture is a screen shot posted on pro PFDJ website allegedly taken from Ethiopian Reporter



We have seen a news article allegedly from Ethiopian Reporter indicating that the Ethiopian government thinks the Eritrean government has reached a point where it does not pose any real threat to the Ethiopian people and the country.

The Amharic article which is still posted in an Eritrean government affiliated website has a url link at the bottom but, if you follow the link there is no article at the destination.

Our question is if the article is real based on what strategic military and geopolitical analsys did the Ethiopian government reach this erronious conclusion. As far as one can see the dynamics of the Horn of Africa didn't change to favor for this kind of policy or attitude change.

The statement is attributed to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mr. Meles Alem. The news article said the statement was made in the first half of September 2017 in a media briefing. We have to stress we have not verified the article is authentic or if the statement actually came from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, but if it is true the Ethiopian government thinks the Eritrean dictatorial team in Asmara is not a threat to Ethiopia, we really have problem.

Ethiopia as a country is changing drastically when it comes to economic development and overall growth, but the enemies of the country are as much determined to stop or slow down the speed in which it is changing to the better.  Egypt, Eritrea and some other Arab countries see a strong powerful Ethiopia as a threat to their national interest in the Horn of Africa. Egypt and the current Eritrean leadership have been working in unison to destabilize or destroy Ethiopia for long time.

If the said story is true, what changes did the Ethiopian government see in Eritrea that showed that the Eritrean leaders have changed their distractive policy towards Ethiopia? Since the end of the Badme war, the only thing that changed is the number of young people fleeing the country and that does not mean the deranged desperate president of Eritrea wouldn’t launch an attack against Ethiopia.

That is the exact reason how Eritrea was able to invade Ethiopia in 1998. All the signs were stirring at Ethiopia a military attack from Shabiya was eminent, but our leaders gave it a blind eye and Ethiopia was caught with its pants down. It seems history is about to repeat itself if any Ethiopian in their right mind think Eritrea is not a threat to Ethiopia.

Mr. Martin Plaut posted the following information from Wikileaks recently. We would like you consider how the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and his administration saw Isaias and the government in Eritrea in 2007.

This cable, made public by Wikileaks, was sent by the then Ambassador to Ethiopia, Don Yamamoto on 24 April 2007. Although dated, it is still of considerable interest.”  Mr Plaut said about the information from Wikilieaks.


PERCEPTIONS OF ISAIAS 4. (S/NF) President Isaias is viewed by Meles and his government as an extremely dangerous, hostile, and evil individual whose sole goal is to make Eritrea the dominant power in the Horn of Africa and to promote Isaias’ role as paramount leader in the region. Ethiopia stands in the way of Isaias’ desire for dominance in the region. Meles and the TPLF leaders believe Isaias has no “death wish” but that Isaias’ self preservation does not merely mean survival, but forcing others to make sacrifices, from enduring great economic hardship to even the pain of death, to ensure Eritrea’s continued existence and eventual elevation of Isaias as primus inter paris leader in the region.



Reading the above paragraph from Wikileaks and what PM Meles thought about the Eritrean psychotic leader, do you think there is any policy change in Eritrea?

The public unrest, demonstrations, and other chaos we see in Ethiopia are mainly exasperated because Eritrean spy agencies are working with Ethiopian domestic terror groups to perpetuate nonexistence or very minor social problems.

Eritrean train, arm and transport Ginbot-7 and other countless armed insurgence groups to mainland Ethiopia from its soil. More than once Eritrean armed forces crossed to Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia and kidnapped innocent civilians. The latest kidnapping was last year when Eritrean security agents forcibly took 83 traditional gold miners from north Tigrai.

Half of the Riginal States of Tigrai and Afar are practically no go for investors because of the security threat from Eritrea. How it is the Eritrean government is not a threat to Ethiopia anymore?

President Trump of the United States of America thinks Nothe Korea is a threat to the security of his country. The distance from North Korea to the United States is about 10,340 km however, the Americans are not taking any chances. Our government on the other hand thinks the African North Korea which is latterly a stone throw away from Ethiopia is not a threat to our country. As long as the mad man and his cronies are in power in Eritrea, there will be a serious threat to the Ethiopian people and to the Ethiopian national security.


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