EPRDF being a no rolling stone, it gathers deadly algae and moss every now and then, so it ferociously rubs it away
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EPRDF being a no rolling stone, it gathers deadly algae and moss every now and then, so it ferociously rubs it away

Samuel Estefanous
Tigrai Online, August 23, 2017

EPRDF being a no rolling stone, it gathers deadly algae and moss every now and then, so it ferociously rubs it away


After sitting through and witnessing in person a standard ‘government session’ in progress, I retired to my place, settled behind my desk and wanted to ‘chew the old cud’. So here I am. I mean the meeting wasn’t exactly baloney. The attendants sounded sincere; they were talking good and repeated all the current political words and expressions in vogue without a hitch.

Yet there was some visible and disagreeable phony vibe to the entire proceeding. You could see, half of the attendants had a particular dress rehearsal of the meeting before hand at some other quarter and had summarized the problems, drawn the resolution, determined the “wreckers” and inevitably had meted out the punishment. You could see, it is all about taking a preemptive panicky action before being taken down by another. All before the session is officially declared open. Basically the official session is a procedure to launder the party position in to a government plan of action.

Something doesn’t feel right. Something feels amiss…especially when one scans the faces of the attendants, they seem totally bent on ‘securing’ the future for their own issues and none beyond that. Then, it occurred to me. I mean it hit me like a ton of bricks. That is the fundamental disabling cancerous tumor eating away at the very essence of governance in Ethiopia. And for the common good, to keep our beloved Nation secure, in one piece, and prosperous we all need to harness motives, knowledge, and effort to mobilize resources.


1-Democracy is Natural.

Multiculturalism is a self evident truth; plurality of thought is the natural consequence of the individualistic unique identity of human beings. This is apparent at the smallest unit of social organization like the family, which by the way the FDRE Constitution declares is the founding block of our Society. That is why democracy is said to be inevitable unless a dictatorial lid is briefly nailed to it.

2-The Law of Average in democracy perspective

Statistics teaches us that chiefly owing to the chances of recurrence a number comes up less and less often. In any given democratic society there is no way any ONE party is capable of winning landslides after landslides for decades running. It goes counter to the fundamentals of democracy that necessitated it in the first place. In simple terms if one party stays in power for decades for whatever reason, it basically beats the motifs of democracy. It doesn’t matter if the election is fair and square or the country happens to be Sweden or the Kingdom of Lesotho.

3-Democracy isn’t just a Process

Democracy doesn’t translate in to antagonism. It is like the saying it takes two to tango. Democracy is a tango, and it takes multiples of parties to pull off a well choreographed dance moves. Folks assume that democracy is just a process. It is not. It is a consequence as well. That is why the US had the 22 Amendment. It beats the very essence of democracy if a sitting President is elected to office for unlimited times even if popular wish mandates it. That is why America got the Electoral College. That is why we have the Council of Federation etc…

4-Ethiopia, the beautiful, land of the melting pot of Nationalities

Ethiopia is so large, populous, multi lingual and multi religious and thus substantially divergent that there is no one dominant group to call all the shots. It is the perfect recipe for democracy and one would expect a far too frequent change of government, a number of snap elections and countless occasions of votes of confidence. If none of these is happening on regular basis there is a chronic maleficent problem that renders democracy a stale irreverent and irrelevant subject.

5-When Spring Cleaning is constantly deferred

Democracy spares the curse of incumbency…when I look at the familiar government officials year in and out, I truly feel sorry for them. I honestly admire their tenacity and perseverance to stay in power, no average person couldn’t last suspended between heaven and earth for that long. I would be surprised if they didn’t show any signs of decay in the process. It is a natural consequence of staying in one place for decades, perhaps for the most part through no personal fault of their own, I presume.

6-Instinct of self preservation kicks in

In the absence of democracy and its derivative rule of law, the brutal instinct of self preservation kicks in. In other words every half decade or so panic attack wrecks havoc with the ranks and the top echelon of the hierarchy even if the bulk of the society is anything but restive. We have seen this ever since ERDF’s gallant warriors arrived in Addis heralding democracy and the free pursuit of happiness.

According to the Reporter Amharic Version, the latest campaign of self preservation is the ninth one. You see on account of EPRDF being a no rolling stone, it gathers deadly algae and moss every now and then…so it has to ferociously rub its sides and back against a solid tree trunk the way a grizzles does when it comes out of its hibernating den.

7- Hence, the saying- a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss

8-God Bless


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