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Ethiopia summons Egypt’s ambassador over Nile dam attack comments

Tigrai Online - June 06, 2013

Ethiopia summons Egypt’s ambassador over Nile dam attack comments
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam under construction in western Ethiopia is 21 percent done and When it is completed, the dam will have a capacity of 6,000 megawatts.

Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is demanding an official explanation from Egypt after comments from politicians suggesting Egypt attack or sabotage a Nile River dam Ethiopia is building upstream from parched Egypt.

Ministry spokesman Dina Mufti said Thursday that Egypt's ambassador to Ethiopia has been summoned to explain the "hostile remarks." Dina Mufti added "Whether those propaganda that are coming from that corner are the government's position or not, we have asked for verification. We are caught by surprise because some government officials, party leaders and civil society leaders, they were talking about Ethiopia violently and we were surprised. We are waiting for this tone to be watered down very soon,"

Ethiopia a week ago started diverting the flow of the Nile River to make way for its $4.2 billion hydroelectric plant, dubbed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Egypt fears the dam will mean a diminished share of the Nile River.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr, in a statement Thursday, said Egypt will seek to coordinate with Sudan and Ethiopia over the issue of the dam going forward. Amr also said Egypt's water security cannot be ignored or hurt.

Dina says Ethiopia will not consider halting the construction of the dam.

The halting of the construction is unthinkable. We hear two voices; one is a very backward voice of the 19th century. And there is another voice, with sanity, also a voice that is looking for corporation, for good relationship. So we hope the sane voice will prevail," said Dina.

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