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Major Mamo Lema: the Achilles’ heel of the “Riotous 15” (R15)

By Dilwenberu Nega
Tigrai Online May 14, 2013

The communion of EOTC in London is abuzz with the open secret that Police have questioned cabbie-cum-Ethiopian-opposition-party-activist, Major Mamo Lema, following a court appearance in Addis Ababa last week of Major Mamo Lema’s alleged accomplice, Ato Abebe Wendimagn, both British citizens from London.

Now the genie is out of the bottle, one would be foolish to assume that Scotland Yard would be so naive that it will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to allegations that British citizens are involved in “training and dispatching terrorists into Ethiopia” www.addisadmass.com.

Many in the church had from the onset refused to pray alongside kakitocrats like Major Mamo Lema for fear that their notoriety, coupled with their voracious appetite for the wealth of the church, will place St. Mary of Tsion in a vulnerable position. Their worry and concern also emanated from kakitocrats’ close association with G7 UK. Many have accordingly reached the conclusion that a political activist is ill qualified to be a member of a board of trustees. The reason being religion and politics are as different as chalk and cheese.

Please think about it earnestly, is it by design or by a fluke of coincidence that Mamo Lema and Zelalem Tessema from the so-called “Riotous 15” (R15) happen to be proactive G7 activists? R15 is a motley crew of 15 egoists and egotists church members who are in receipt of a ban of exclusion from Priest-in-charge, Archimandrite Abba Girma, for causing a breach of peace.

The recent startling revelation that an active member of the Church of St Mary of Tsion is formally charged, in absentia, with “training and dispatching terrorists into Ethiopia”, has left the congregation in an agony of despair. That is why the Church authorities need to launch their own internal organization and inform the public of the outcome. Burning questions need to be addressed. Did Mamo intend to lurk behind his brainchild “charitable organization” and divert the resources of St Mary of Tsion to fund cash-strapped G7?  We also need to know if there is any truth in the story of  Mamo and Zelalem had been coaxing Abba Girma into offering a rent-free office space to ESAT in the vicarage.

That is why it is imperative for the leadership of the Church of St. Mary to come out unequivocally and distance themselves from Major Mamo Lema’s alleged acts of terrorism.  Make no mistake for the clarion call of The War on Terror is still “You are either with us or Against Us!”

Kindly, remember not lose sight of the fact that to succeed in preventing Abune Paulos’ memorial service from taking place may be deemed a feat of democracy by the uninitiated, but to train a terrorist to blow up Abune Paulos’ monument in Addis Ababa, secure in the knowledge that one’s British citizenship will shield them from the War on Terror is playing with fire. A British passport is not a license to maim and kill Ethiopians.

I can’t, therefore stop marvelling at the thought that Our Lady has at long last unleashed her vengeance on those conceited members of our church who had the nerve to desecrate her home simply because their ego got bruised  by the ban of exclusion. Can we, then, reach a consensual agreement:  Major Mamo Lema has now got his comeuppance?

The truth will set all of us FREE!

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