Israel Judge rules fleeing Eritrean army not grounds for refugee status
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Eritrean asylum seekers in Isreal
Eritrean asylum seekers, who entered Israel illegally during the past years, hold placards showing their compatriots
who they say were killed after being deported to Eritrea, during a protest against MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP

Israel Judge rules fleeing Eritrean army not grounds for refugee status

Tigrai Online, January. 29, 2017


A Jerusalem court ruled last week that desertion from the Eritrean army is not in itself a valid reason for receiving refugee status in Israel.

on its original legal opinion, the state has so far rejected thousands of asylum requests by Eritrean citizens. Indeed, between 2009 and July 2016, the state only approved eight such requests.

The judge also discussed the temporary protection granted to Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel. “This temporary nature goes on and on, sometimes for a decade, and many Eritreans are living here under this status, which does not grant them any rights except the right not to be deported.

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TOL Remark
The Eritrean president in his latest interview blamed Woyane and the USA government for thousands of Eritrean youth leaving the country risking their lives to go to Ethiopia, Sudan, Isreal and many more countries. It did not occur to him there is a slight chance some Eritreans are not happy about how he is running the country. At the end the poor Eritrean people are twice paying the price, first to put him in power second to flee from him. What Isais do not understand is there are no people in the world like the Eritrean people that will put up with all the degradation and suffering he is putting them through. The EPRDF government in Ethiopia can only dream to get half of the cooperation and loyalty what the Eritrean government gets form the Eritrean population.

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