Ethiopian government should be proactive to bring peace and stability to the country
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Ethiopian army troops march in a show of force
Ethiopian government should be proactive to bring peace and stability instead of reacting to every single event
and the regular army should be deployed where there is signs of trouble not the local militia.

Ethiopian government should be proactive to bring peace and stability to the country

Tigrai Online, Oct. 18, 2017

Ethiopian Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn addresses the Nation Today



The Ethiopian EPRDF government always reacts after things have gone from bad to worst there is no logical explanation why they do this. Instead of becoming proactive and take preventative measures at the first sign of instability, they wait until things get really ugly then they take action.

For example had they taken a lawful, decisive, and clear action against those who killed and deported Tigraians from Amhara region in 2016-17, they would have closed the flood gates which led to what we see now throughout the country now.

The recent tragedies in Oromia region against civilians could have been totally prevented if the government deployed the regular federal army long time ago.

It is about time for the EPRDF government to start acting as a government which governs a country of over hundred million people instead of a mediator in its own country. The federal government is busy putting out fires in every corner of Ethiopia started with the help of Ethiopian enemies. Week after week the enemy’s media outlets pump out poisonous propaganda against the government and people of Ethiopia. At the receiving end of this vicious propaganda are the mostly unemployed youth acting on the wishes of our mortal enemies. Misled by TV stations and continuous social media barrage the Ethiopian youth are fulfilling the dreams of those who want Ethiopia to break up into fiefdoms. The same enemies did not, could not and will not defeat Ethiopians in the battle field, but this days they found new weapons; hesitating government and social media propaganda.

This week it is deja vu again not from last year, but from last month. Demonstrations flared up again in Ethiopia mainly in Oromia regional state. As always the reason is some ridiculous rumor that tracks in route to eastern Ethiopia were transporting arms to Somali regional state security forces. The rumors are fabricated by PFDJ spies who are embedded in Ethiopia. This is yet another ploy to create mayhem in the country and destruct the people and government of Ethiopia from reaching their goal. The Egyptian social scientists are constantly pouring millions of dollars to locate the hairline fractures in Ethiopian societies and use them to destabilize Ethiopia.


We are not surprised why the Egyptians or the mafia PFDJ group in Eritrea will invest time and energy to destabilize Ethiopia, but we are astonished why the Ethiopian federal government never anticipate the next move of its enemies. It seems the Ethiopian government is always one step behind cleaning the mess and putting out fires after the fact.

This week about six people lost their lives when demonstrators confronted security forces in some towns in Oromia region. This is one more indicator the state of emergency should have been kept for a few more years. We are not sure why the Ethiopian government was in hurry to left the state of emergency so soon while there was ample indication the security situation in the country was not stable. Unless the government in Ethiopia makes a major policy change towards domestic security, things will get worst and the integrity of Ethiopia will be in danger. Even worst the existence of Ethiopia as a viable state will be in question, time to act decisively is now.

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