PFDJ agents maximize their efforts to speed up destruction of Ethiopia
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PFDJ agents maximize their efforts to speed up destruction of Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, Oct. 25, 2017

PFDJ agents maximize their efforts to speed up destruction of Ethiopia PFDJ agents used the above photo from the Rwandan tragedy in 1994 to spread poison against Ethiopians



In the 2016-17 uprooting of Tigraians from Amhara state, the Eritrean government spy agents have been coordinating the whole operation. Based on some information we received the PFDJ has transported thousands of light weapons and millions of money to the bandits doing its dirty work.

This year we are back to square one because the Ethiopian government didn’t do anything to remedy the problem. Thousands of PFDJ spy agents are coordinating destruction of Ethiopia and its people from within Ethiopia and from outside.

The most effective weapon the Eritrean government using to spread its poisonous propaganda is social media. Daily PFDJ spies pump out hundreds of posts, articles, news releases, videos, images and other news items to inflame animosity among Ethiopians. 99% of the time all the images and news are fabricated or they are stolen from other events in other countries. These events took place years ago and the spies dig them out and attach them to the fake news they write about Ethiopia. Unfortunately most people don’t have the skills or the time to find out if all the news they read every image they see is based in the truth. Without knowing it most people become tools to be sued by their enemies and perpetuate the demise of their own country.

Virtually every website and social media outlet linked to the brutal PFDJ is working overtime to disseminate the fabricated news to Ethiopians. By doing so they are trying to prolong the end of the African North Korea government and it is working because the EPRDF government is letting it happen for some unknown reason.

The above photo is from the Rwandan tragedy in 1994, but the PFDJ agents are posting it in their websites, Face book pages and other social media outlets saying this is what is happening in Oromia to Tigrai and Amhara people. The above phot is one of the pictures they are using to add gasoline to the situation. Three days ago the same official PFDJ Facebook page used a screen shot from an Eritrean drama called Romai showing a very disturbing image which was part of the drama. The spies will go as low as they can because they have lost their moral compass over the years. It is their wish and dream if this could happen to the innocent civilian Ethiopians in Ethiopia and every gullible Ethiopian is helping them out.

We have to stop and think before we share anything that comes from Eritrea and Eritreans because it is not easy to distinguish between the supporters and those who are opposing the regime.  We shouldn’t be helping our enemy when they are giving us fire to burn our house. We should remind the PFDJ agents the fire you are trying to statr so hard mighty consume you so becarful what you wish for.

The above video statement is not from this year it is from last year, but does it sound like it is about this weeks news in Ethiopia? It does, because thanks to EPRDF Shabiya is doing what it did last year in Ethiopia this year without any consequences.

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