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Better to die than to become a servant of the illegal prosperity party

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online April 4, 2020

Better to die than to become a servant of the illegal prosperity party


I truly respect the TPLF/EPRD members who were the real servants of the Ethiopian people. I think Ethiopians have also pardoned the prosperity party (PP) members who had labelled themselves as the servants of the TPLF for 27 years. But my question is: What will be the title of the new foolish regional Prosperity party assigned by PP? Will it be appropriate for them if they call themselves “The new servants for the former servants of TPLF?” 

The second question is: Why did the former servant Abiy Ahmed said that he prefers to die than to work together with his former masters (the TPLF)? Does he mean that becoming a servant of the TPLF for 27 years is more comfortable than working in mutual cooperation? I believe Abiy’s excessive thirst for power has made him to become a true schizophrenic person.

Abiy Ahmed’s fake regional Prosperity party is an illegal party and cannot be an opposition party in Tigray. Tigray is the land of law and order. In Tigray, power belongs neither to TPLF nor to any party but to the brave people of Tigray. The King of Tigray is the people of Tigray.

To rule Tigray, you should know first the mind of Tigray and you should win the heart and the mind of Tigray as well. If a business man does not know the rules of demand and supply, the business man inevitably bankrupts. Similarly, the fate of the illegal prosperity party in Tigray is like the business man who bankrupts and finally closes his shop because of lack of customers.

The incoming new fake and foolish Nebiyu has finished his fake presidential ceremonial speech in his home without an audience (or without customers). Tigrayans have no extra time for the agenda of the foolish illegal prosperity party members.


Unlike the illegal prosperity party members, Tigrayans and their leaders are at work. They have no time to entertain themselves with the dramas made by the desperate prosperity party members who are hiding at Menelik II Palace.

Abiy Ahmed, the Trojan horse installed by foreign forces, is trying to install his servants in Tigray like he did in other states. Even though, Abiy is aware that he will never succeed in installing a puppet in Tigray; but he is desperately trying to create an agenda by nominating Nebiyu Michael as his servant.

Most of the Prosperity party individuals are out-casted members in their community. For example, Nebiyu had been rejected by Tigray youths long ago because of his deviation from the normal political culture of the society. He was among the very few individuals in Tigray who was not even able to get a house rent in Tigray.

My simple message to the prosperity party is: the world had recognized your effort and you have tried your best. However, today your PP and Ethiopia are under bankruptcy. You should resign! Resigning does not mean it is the end of the world. Resigning is not a sign of weakness but it is a sign of strength. There is no shame in resigning. Prosperity party members must learn quitting and trying a different Job. They should learn from Mengistu  Hailemariam and the former PM Haile Mariam desalegn . They can serve their country in another capacity.

Let us all save Ethiopia from further bankruptcy and downfall. Time is a major factor. The more time they waste, the more they press in the same path of failure and their shame may never fade away.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself.”  Richard  Feynman

“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows to be a fool.”William Shakespear