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The sons, daughters of Al Nejashi shouldn't suffer in Saudi

By Gemechu Tussa
Tigrai Online Sept. 6, 2020


International media reported that the Tigrians made to suffer in an earthly hell in Saudi Arabia a Muslim country. Many scholars criticized the authorities of Saudi Arabia for the inhuman handling of Ethiopians for they are Tigrians whose root descendant is Al Nejashi, the king who saved the existence of the Islam religion by receiving in an open arms, harboring, and accommodating the followers of Mohammed.

Nejash or Alnejashi mosque, found in Tigray National Regional State is the place where the first Muslim settlement took place in the world, which is as old as the faith of Islam. This holiest destination is, therefore, considered as the second most important and sacred place for pilgrims of Islamic faith worshipers just next to Mecca.

Alnejashi mosque is named after Nejashi, who hosted companions of the Prophet who escaped persecution in Mecca. Now the sons and daughters of Al Nejashi have been suffering in the Muslim country Saudi Arabia.

In fact, the country requested the Federal Government of Ethiopia to deploy refugees’ imprisoned thousands in one room which subjected them for the pandemic COVID 9.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed responded to the Saudi Government that he doesn’t want to receive those Ethiopians because they are Tigrians. He described terrorists to those citizens who immigrated to Arab Countries. Since the coming of the new leadership in Ethiopia, a great number of Tigrians have displaced, imprisoned, tortured and plundered their properties. Others were dismissed from Federal Government institutions and firms for their identity.

This was continuously done for the past five or six years. Currently there are about one hundred thousand displaced Tigrians in the Region. Different media coverage aimed to isolate and discriminated Tigrians have done consistently in government sponsored media including Ethiopian Broadcast Agency, Fana Broadcast Corporate, Walta Media and Communication Corporate.

Besides, there are various sabotages against all economic and political activities in the region. All development projects sponsored by the Federal Government were ceased for financial constraints that the government failed to allocate the budget for its purpose for they situated in Tigray Region.


In addition to this, the government exerted various efforts to jeopardize investment in the region, warning foreign investors not to invest in Tigray and creating non-conducive atmosphere to those who have interests to invest in the region.

No one with average health can and should possibly imagine Tigray could forgive and forget the unforgivable and unforgettable attacks of all sorts on its people due to their identity and political view during the last two and plus years.

If truth has to be told, Tigray was the very target of the current leadership from day one. It is an open secret that thousands of innocent Tigrayans, under the self-appointed change leadership, were made to be arrested, killed, tortured and displaced in mass from various parts of the nation for who they are.

Thousands of Tigrayan stars who have been laboring to protect the sovereignty of the country were made to be victims of all sorts of dehumanization. According to sources, by now, there are nearly 2000 Tigrayan stars imprisoned due to their ethnic back ground and political views.

One of the worth mentioning living testimonies just to be objective in this regard is- not only Abiy officially welcomed ESAT, the racist media that openly declared genocide on the people of Tigray.

At this time, there is lots of sabotage to jeopardize the rights of the peoples of Tigray for deciding to conduct 6th National Regional Election.

The State Council of Tigray National Regional State recently endorsed the decision made by the Executive Body of the Regional State of Tigray so as to convey a message to the Ethiopian House of Federation (HoF) and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warning to hold back from any verdict against the 6th historical Regional Election the people of Tigray.

The President of the region Debretsion Gebremicheal while briefing the decision of the Executive Committee put emphasis on the absence of justification at this point in time for the HoF to summoned an urgent meeting that obviously have intentions to force Tigray cease its plans to conduct the 6th election for self-determination.

The president has reiterated although the Federal Government has elongated its power in an unconstitutional manner under the pretext of COVID 9, the people of Tigray decided to conduct the election amidst the pandemic carrying out all necessary care. Instead of supporting the election, the HoF wrote a letter to Tigray National Regional Council to give up activities of conduction election, so irresponsible, strange and unnatural for an organization set up to represent Nations, Nationalities and Peoples to stand against people who determined to elect their leaders.

Having recognized the severe problems citizens suffering in Saudi Arabia for the government of Ethiopia denied them for their identity, the Reginal State of Tigray requested Saudi Arabia to transport toMekelle Alula Abanega Internationl Airport so that the Region could take responsibilities in accommodating and taking care of them until they assimilate with the society. Saudi Arabia should help in easing the suffering citizen of Al Nejash and cooperate with the Regional State. They shouldn't let any longer suffering this way.