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The defeated Abiy Ahmed regime places discriminatory policy against Tigrai farmers

Tigrai Online Dec. 18, 2019

Defeated in everyway Abiy ahmed impliments discriminatory price policy against Tigrai sesame farmers to hurt Tigrai's economy.


After two years intense all-out campaign and attacks against the nation of Tigrai, the politically bankrupted and socially isolated fake regime of Abiy Ahmed has played all its cards. After all that CIA engineered sophisticated multi pronged offensive against the people and government of Tigrai didn’t bring the desired results. The relentless assault on the nation of Tigrai was coordinated by the Western counties spy agencies and orchestrated by their cheerleaders in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, but despite all their efforts the Tigrai people came out stronger. The Abiy Ahmed regime on the other hand is cornered and rejected by the majority of the Ethiopian people. That doesn’t mean Abiy Ahmed and his masters will give up their dream of controlling the resources of Ethiopia in particular and the resources of the Horn of Africa.

Those who are driving Abiy Ahmed have long term plan for the Horn of Africa and they have budgeted billions of dollars to achieve their goal. Their main goal is to destroy the Ethiopian federal system, disintegrate Ethiopia which is the largest country in the HOA region. Then they are planning to create nameless, ethnic less, history less and religion less super large country that incorporates the pieces of Ethiopia after it is broken into small pieces, Eritrea, Somalia, and Djibouti. That is the reason the Abiy regime is in a shopping spree for military weapons including secular capable fighter jets. Any rational person knows Ethiopia has no threat of envision from its neighbors, then why are Abiy Ahmed and his Western masters building the Ethiopian military including the Ethiopian Navy?

As explained above Abiy Ahmed’s failed regime has been throwing all it has against Tigrai, but it didn’t make a dent in Tigrai’s unity, military, and overall political cohesiveness. The last card is to use direct and indirect economic attack on Tigrai. As all of us remember the Federal High ways connecting Tigrai with Ethiopia have been closed for two years, but didn’t make any difference in Tigrai’s economy.


Now Abiy Ahmed’s regime is trying a different tactic to cripple Tigrai’s economy and bring Tigrai to submission. The new tactic is putting a price limit on cash crops produced in Tigrai, for example sesame and other oil seeds, gold, incense, and other industrial products. The federal government is creating a new lower price rate for sesame producers in Tigrai only. This is just to hurt the Tigrai farmers who produce sesame. The farmers depend on seasonal workers to cultivate sesame which is one of the highest cash crops for the country and Tigrai is the top sesame producer state per capita in Ethiopia and the second largest sesame producer in the country by volume. To give a since of how much sesame is produced in Tigrai and how much money it is worth, in the 2014/15 fiscal year 850, 45.133 tons of sesame was produced in Tigrai. At $2500.00 per a ton, the value of the sesame produced in the year 2014/15 would be $212,612,500.00 dollars just from one year of production.

This year’s production is estimated to be way higher than previous years and the Abiy Ahmed regime put a lower price only for Tigrai sesame. All of you can imagine why the federal government is creating a separate price rate only in Tigrai. It is just to hurt the Tigrai farmers and Tigrai economically, because the weak regime couldn’t do militarily and politically. The price of cash crops for all Ethiopia is supposed to be determined by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Market where the price is decided by the market rate free of government influence.

The Tigrai sesame producers have refused to bring their sesame to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Market unless the Ethiopian federal government lifts the discriminatory pricing system which is put only on Tigrai farmers. If the standoff continues the Ethiopian federal government will lose millions of dollars from its coffers. We are sure the Tigrai farmers will find a reasonable price for their sesame without taking their product to Addis Ababa.  For the purpose of comparison let’s see the top sesame producer states in Ethiopia.

Sesame Production by region in Ethiopia 2014/15.


Area (Ha)

Production (ton)

Productivity (ton/ha)













Benshangul Gumuz








As you can see in the above table Tigrai is one of the top highest sesame producers in Ethiopia. Keeping in mind the population and landmass size of Tigrai compare to the other states the amount of hard currency Ethiopia gets from the Tigrai is disproportional. Tigrai produces gold, sesame, Sapphire, incense, marble, oilseeds, honey, cattle and other animals for meat production. On top of the above products Tigrai produces industrial products like pharmaceutical, textile, cement and many more agricultural and industrial products. Majority of the above products produced in Tigrai are cash crops or export products earning much needed hard currency for Ethiopia.

The Abiy Ahmed regime would like to cripple the Tigrai economy so that Tigrai would only depend on the federal government. In the past two years they have tried to destroy the Tigrai economy using many covert and direct methods including blocking federal highways, but they failed because Tigrai doesn’t need a penny from the other regions contrary to the false propaganda spread by the Amhara elites Tigrai is more than capable of producing what it needs for the seven million Tigraians and much, much more.

There wasn’t any Ethiopian government in history including the Megistu fascist regime as vicious and as hatful government towards the people of Tigrai as the current Abiy Ahmed regime. The Abiy Ahmed government and his masters tried to damage the spotless and unparalleled history of Tigrai by manufacturing absolutely and utterly false accusations. What Abiy and his masters should know is, the stain of their relentless propaganda and attacks against the people of Tigrai is temporary because the golden history and reputation has been recorded in history for the past five thousand years.

Abiy Ahmed regime places discriminatory price rate against Tigrai farmers

The Ethiopian defeated Abiy Ahmed regime places discriminatory price policy against Tigrai sesame farmers