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Tigrians should reinforce their unison to move forward

By Molla Mitiku
Tigrai Online Feb. 15, 2020

Tigraians should reinforce their  unison to move forward
At this moment Tigraians re-vow to reinforce their unison to defend themselves from any possible attacks as well as move their region forward.

The political crises in Ethiopia has become unpredictable as things are changing now and again. The emergence of Prosperity Party (PP) with completely different programs from the program of EPRDF resulted in marginalizing TPLF. Following this incidence, the political situation in the country seemed to be shaped in two: the unitary and the federalism. All other political parties in the country could join any one of these parties.

Some of the parties will certainly join to either to the PP that gives priority to individual rights than group rights in a bid to resume the previous unitary system uprooted in 1991 as a result of the bitter armed struggle by Tigrians in which claimed the lives of more than 60 thousand citizens .

Others could join the federalist forces aimed to maintain the Federal System which was carried out in almost three decades and resulted in unforgettable achievements in education, health, political and socioeconomic developments.


Anyone with a healthy mind could by no means deny this reality as the changes on the ground witness. Although some individuals and groups betrayed all the gains they themselves have been enjoying, all Tigrians and mos Ethiopians believe that Yekatit 11 laid the bases for the overthrow of the military regime and ensure all what we see today with our eyes in the entire country. The basic human and democratic rights were ensured and democracy has been well practiced on its pick to be well cemented.

TPLF along with the people of Tigrai owed to the founding of federalism in Ethiopia. The governance system that ascertained the equality of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, the equality of religion in the country, the freedom of press and expression of opinion apart from the developments in infrastructure, boosting investment, urbanization, industry and political rights offer the Ethiopian people.

All these and myriad others that could not be listed in such a short piece were the direct results of the armed struggle started just 45 years sgo and ended in 1991. That was the absolute turning point in the country's political and socioeconomic situation.

Although the struggle against the military regime was started by a few Tigrian University students, the entire people of Tigrai was with them. The people of Tigrai in particular and that of Ethiopia in general had the need for the equality of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. The quest for freedom and use of ones own mother tongue as well as respect for their culture, languages and ways of living of all the nations, nationalities and peoples.

Derg had trained a large number of soldiers and armed them to their teeth in a bid to destroy the poorly armed TPLF fighters. Due to this. the 17 years armed struggle was so severe that the Tigrians were fighting with a large number of force armed with ample modern and sophisticated weapons.

Although the two forces were unbalanced, to be compared just like the mass of the earth with that of the bee, Tigrians are so valor courageous enough to uproot the dictatorial rule. They have an extraordinary firm stand for their beliefs.

The most significant pillars at that time was the need for democracy, development and poverty alleviation. Besides, there was need for ensuring the equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples Ethiopia. It was believed that these could be realized if and only if Derg was removed. That was why they the University students determined to conduct an armed struggle in order to uproot the dictatorial military rule and replace the unitary governance system by the multinational federal system where all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia could be fairly represented.

Historical documents witnessed that there was no one who back them in logistics but only the people of Tigrai. During the armed struggle no one was on their side. In such time of difficulties, they finally overthrew the Derg regime.

It was in fact incredible to many. The secret for their success was their agenda. The agenda they had been fighting for was the agenda of the entire people of Ethiopia.

Following the overthrow of the military rule, they have efficiently showed their commitment to peace, democracy and development. In those past 27 years, TPLF/EPRDF managed to ensure a number of achievements.

No one could dare to deny this fact although there were some problems in connection with lack of good governance. At a healthy fair decision, those problems were incomparable with what the affirmative performances.

It was like a black dot on a white shirt, which the chauvinist groups have been using to blackmail the entire gains. As both enemies at home and abroad turned the entire situation in favor of themselves, it has become a critical time not only to Tigrians but also to Ethiopians.

No matter how strong forces from here and there come together and stand against the people of Tigrai as well as its ruling party TPLF, obviously, their attempts remain futile.

At this moment Tigrians have been colorfully celebrating their 45th anniversary of the beginning of the armed struggle. Regardless of religion, social status and other psychological factors. they have been renewing their promise to consolidate their efforts to maintain their peace and the federal system. Above all they re-vow to reinforce their unison to defend themselves from any possible attacks as well as move their region forward.