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Abiy Ahmed is a traitor-in-chief, who allows Issaias to continue his atrocities in Eritrea, and dump his trash in the Ethiopian political soil

By Haile Tessema
Tigrai Online Feb. 8, 2020

Abiy Ahmed is a traitor-in-chief, who allows Issaias to continue his atrocities in Eritrea
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will visit Ethiopia. We would like to ask them to remove their henchmen while they are there.


Before Abiy's rise to the highest office in the land by fluke, the Eritrean President was on a downward spiral politically, and on the verge of collapse personally.

Degenerating from hero to zero in the eyes of his citizens; isolated from regional, continental and international politics, Issaias became bitter, paranoid, emotionally depressed, and his physical health deteriorated compelling him to travel abroad more frequently for medical treatment than work visits.

Lo and behold, lucky for the man who overstayed his welcome not only in politics but also on planet earth, the son of Ahmed came to his rescue with a mission to fulfill the American & Gulf States' roadmap to disaster, which included having to raise the Lazarus of the Horn of Africa from the political grave.

Subsequently, under the pretext of peace and bridge-building, Abiy welcomed Issaias like a king of kings and a returning war hero during a state visit to Ethiopia. Continues to portray him as an elderly statesman; a big "brother" to confide in and a partner in crime to conspire with.

As a result, the lunatic who should've been in mental asylum, exile or in the hereafter long ago, has been resuscitated, if for nothing else, to talk his brand of political trash, laughably feel entitled to intervene in domestic matters of a sovereign country once again, and show interest in the one and only political game he knows how to play, often disastrously,: conflict, war and rumors of war.

The shameless grumpy old man has no qualms when he talks about another country's political and socioeconomic problems, while notorious for having his own legion of demons and a pile of skeletons in a big closet.

1.    A man who made his way to the top killing his comrades in arms;

2.    Has ruled his country with an iron fist for 30 years and counting with no constitution or parliament;

3.    Closed a university and colleges, replacing them with a mega military camp called Sawa, and subjects young people to indefinite military service;

4.    Compels the youth, including pre-teens, to flee the country on foot to neighboring countries, mainly Ethiopia, whereby some get shot and killed by the Eritrean army before crossing the border;

5.    Made Eritrea to be a case study for a pariah state and arrested development;

6.    Turned a country with access to sea and ports, high tourism potential; a somewhat skilled labor, industrious people with a bright future upon independence into a hellhole of the worst kind;

7.    Has been in conflict or outright war with all neighboring countries - Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen;

8.    Locked up comrades who disagreed with him to life in prison without trial, and put them under harsh condition, ultimately subjecting them to die one after another;

9.    Denies a resting place to deceased veteran freedom fighter colleagues turned foes who die in exile;

10.  Infringes on religious freedom by shutting down Protestant churches, and imprisoning followers found to be worshipping in private homes.

The list could go on, but enough said.

So, for Abiy to allow himself become a vessel for prolonging Issaias' reign in power, thereby perpetuate Eritreans' suffering, is a political crime against humanity.

By the same token, for the shoe-in, lame duck P.M. -- who continues to hold onto power unconstitutionally -- to help revive the psychotic egomaniac's delusion of coercing Tigrai to submission is treason unprecedented in modern Ethiopian history.