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Tigrai state should stay away from toxic Ethiopian politics

Tigrai Online, March. 21, 2019

Tigrai state should stay away from toxic Ethiopian politics
The state of Tigrai should not go back to the messy politics of Ethiopia, but jus focus in Tigrai.

For centuries the people of Tigrai have sacrificed more than their share for Ethiopia. In the recent struggle to remove the fascist communist Dergi regime was especially costly for the Tigrai people. 65,000 Tigrai youth died and over a hundred thousand became disabled in the armed struggle, but the people of Tigrai didn’t get a dime more than their fellow Ethiopians. Instead what they got was continuous blame for everything that was wrong in Ethiopia.

After last year’s silent coup d'état in Ethiopia many Ethiopians were euphoric to see a leadership change in the EPRDF party. Most people thought their demonstration and civil disobedience brought the leadership change in the country. In a way it is true the continuous demonstrations, highway blockage, and unrelenting sabotage of government institutions had an impact in the EPRDF government, however there was one fact the majority of people who were expressing their dissatisfaction with the EPRDf didn’t know. There was well organized team of international and domestic experts directing all the anti government movements in Ethiopia. This team of experts had an intimate knowledge of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian society. The experts were from seven countries who had vested interest on destroying the Ethiopian federal system and the EPRDF.


The organizers of the Ethiopian silent coup had to create a common enemy in order to unite the fragmented and disorganized Ethiopian opposition. That common enemy was the TPLF and the people of Tigrai. They created a monster and a villain out of the law abiding, God fearing people of Tigrai and the heroic TPLF fighters who paid the ultimate price for democracy and the common good of Ethiopians.

Once they were ready the launched their attack on the people of Tigrai and the TPLF. Many Tigraians in the military, security service, the government and business leaders were thrown to prison. They continue their onslaught against the people of Tigrai by unlashing fake documentaries to legitimize their coup d'état. Many civilian Tigraians lost their lives as a result of the government sponsored propaganda the new prime minister’s indirect order.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali invited every anti Tigrai groups from abroad and tried to encircle Tigrai state by making deals with regional leaders in the name of peace and change.

Fast forward to March 2019 the plan of the enemies of Ethiopia has partially succeeded. The Chinese are retreating from Ethiopia, the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD has been effectively stopped, 3.8 million Ethiopians are displaced, 8 million Ethiopians are starving, virtually there is military and communal conflict in every corner of the country and Ethiopia is in the verge of collapsing.

Now majority of the people who were used by foreign countries and their domestic mercenaries are perplexed because what they expected from the so called “change” and what they see happening in Ethiopia are totally different to say the least. Fear and mass hysteria is spreading fast in the major cities of Ethiopia including the capital Addis Ababa because there is no law and order and the federal government has lost control of the country. Ethiopians are afraid for their safety and their beyond disappointed the change.

The only state which is peaceful and content is Tigrai in Ethiopia. There is no displacement, there are no killings, and there is no deportation in Tigrai. People from Tigrai state and those who are from outside of the state are going about their business just the way it was 2 years or 20 years ago. Some Ethiopians including prominent politicians are showing some regret    for what they did against the people of Tigrai and the TPLF.


We think the state of Tigrai should not go back to the messy politics of Ethiopia. There should not be any efforts by Tigrai state rescue or otherwise to stabilize Ethiopia. Beyond the legal representatives in the federal government, Tigrai should not lend any experts, politicians, military, or should Tigrai be involved in any negotiations, federal government ministerial appointments from now on. Tigrai should wash its hands from any Ethiopian political affairs more than the minimum requirement by the federal government. Tigrai should continue rebuilding its economy, its military, and consolidate its diplomatic connection under the Ethiopian current constitution.

The Tigrai people are tired of the Yo-Yo Ethiopian politics and they will not be fooled any more with cheap tricks.

For the Tigrai people especially the youth, be united around Tigrai, open your eyes to all options, the enemy will still try to divide us whenever he can. TPLF is your father, mother, brother sister, uncle, aunt and TPLF is you. The enemy is trying to split us and attack us separately, if there is anything we need to fix in TPLF it is not up to people form Addis Ababa or Bahir Dar to tell us what to do.


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