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Donald Trump would pose great risk to the world if elected

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, March 16, 2016

Donald Trump would be the most dangerous man if elected

Donald Trump would pose great risk to the world if he is elected as a president of the United States of America says the Economist Intelligence Unit.


The Economist says the Republican front runner; Donald Trump would endanger the whole world if he becomes a president. The economist puts a Trump presidency in the top ten risks the world would have to face if the American real estate mogul defeats Hilary Clinton in the coming election.

The danger and security risk the global community will face compared to the most dangerous scenarios like if a military conflict breaks out between America and China or if Russia invades Ukraine.

Donald Trump has been spewing out extremely volatile statements regarding Muslims and immigrants in his campaign speeches. Some people are comparing him to Hitler and other extreme right wing groups.

Some Ethiopians think republicans are friendlier to Ethiopia than Democrats when it comes to American policy towards the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia. We are not sure what Trump presidency policy might be. It is a fact the core foreign policy of the United States does not change that much with each administration, but there might be some minor changes that would huge results.

Judging from past experience and observation, Hillary Clinton may not be as warm as President Obama if she wins the general election.

As far as Ethiopia is concern both candidates seem not that favorable but, Hillary might be the better choice. It is hard to predict what each administration’s policy might be regarding terrorism, Ethiopia, Egypt, Eritrea, Horn of Africa, and over all Africa. There is nothing known about Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Trump has been more concentrating on domestic policies than what he would do externally.

The Trump train has been demolishing other republican candidates in every primary despite the Republican Party trying everything in their power to get rid of him. There is no doubt by now he will win the Republican nomination. The question is would he be able to defeat the well seasoned politician and a former First lady, Hillary Clinton who is expected to win the Democratic nomination.


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