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Ras (Raesi) Alula Engda – Aba Nega’s newly rebuilt burial chamber inaugurated

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, March 3, 2016

Ras Alula burial chamber in Adwa, Tigrai, Eethiopia
Alula Engda, Abaa Nega the first African general burial chamber rebuilt and inaugurated in Enda Aba Gerima Monastery. Even though Ethiopian leaders loved to mention Ras Alula as an example of Ethiopian heroic military general, his body was laying in the monastery for years forgotten.


Raesi Alula Engda Equbi also known by his battle field name Alula Aba Nega newly rebuilt burial chamber inaugurated in his final resting place, the ancient and historical Enda Abba Gerima monastery.

The historical monastery is located a few kilometers from the town of Adwa. The famous first African general is buried in the heart of Tigrai where the battle of Adwa took place in which he was one of the main leaders and heroes of the battle.

Alula was born in 1827 to an assuming farming family in a small village called Menewe, Tmbien in central Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia. Started from a humble beginning he rose fast in the ranks of the Ethiopian military serving Emperor Yohannes IV, King of Zion and King of Kings of Ethiopia. Ultimately Raesi Alula Engada Equbi became the most respected by his friends and the most feared by his enemies.

He has successfully defeated the Egyptians in Gundet 1875, Gura 1876, Aylet 1887, Senhit 1880, he defeated the Mahdists of Sudan; in 1885 in Metema. Long before the battle of Adwa Raesi Alula defeated the Italians; in Sahati 1887, Dogali 1887, and Amba-Alaje 1889. As we mentioned above he was the main leader at the battles of Mekelle 1896 and Adwa 1896.

The newly rebuilt burial chamber was financed by Mr. Dawit Gebreigziabiher through one of his NGOs. The inauguration was attended by invited dignitaries, the clergy from the Enda Abba Gerima monastery, and many local people as well as  from all over Ethiopia including Addis Ababa.

The previous and current leaders of Ethiopia try to keep a lid in Tigraian nationalism and national pride by blurring the brilliant achievements of the hundreds of Tigrai emperors from the time of emperor Ezana to Emperor Yohannes and the ordinary Tigraians in the history of Ethiopia. Fortunately many young people from Tigrai are aware of what is going on and organizing and reorganizing to defend, reclaim, preserve, and revitalize Tigrai nationalism.


As part of this process of recovering our history some projects are underway inside Ethiopia and abroad organized by concerned Tigraians.

The sons and daughters of Tigrai have given so much to the betterment of Ethiopia throughout history. The people of Tigrai have been neglecting their own interest and sacrificing their nationalism for the sake of Ethiopian unity, but they are not getting the credit they deserve for all they do that is all about to change thanks to some events taking place.

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