The Gallant TPLF Fighters
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Miss Gibraltar takes home Miss World 2009 crown
Miss Gibraltar takes home Miss World 2009 crown

Headline News

Dec. 31 2009

Ethiopia and Sudan will fight against Eritrea's attempts to destabilize them
Somalia's mullahs want to invade Ethiopia
Supremacy battle between Kenya, Ethiopia in running continues
Addis Ababa City mobile phones usage while driving

Dec. 30 2009

Eritrean Official Denies Sponsoring Insurgents to Destabilize Neighbors
Denver's Ethiopian community unites to offer reward

Dec. 29 2009

Israel committed to Develop Agriculture in Ethiopia
Eritrea opposition vows to up military action
Ethiopia-Sudan border commission meeting kicks off
Ethiopia's Shumsa Area Provides Example of Success in Achieving Food Security
Ethiopian groups angry over gov't failure to prioritize 5-year absorption plan
Puntland authorities crack down on people smugglers
Plane bomb suspect had 'enough explosives to rip hole in aircraft'

Dec. 28 2009

P.M.Meles Zenawi expresses disappointment over climate talks
Australia suspends adoptions from Ethiopia
Ethiopia poised to attract more tourists from Russia
Accused Nigerian man family Press Statement

Dec. 27 2009

Ministry of Defence, Defence Enterprise to Build Dallol Road
Al-Qaida has changed its face and operates from a different base
'Smoke and screams' on board plane

Dec. 22 2009

Five sentenced for the ultimate punishment in Ethiopia assassination plot trial
Ethiopian Airlines receives 2009 NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Excellence Award
Ass'n working to improve members’ livelihood

Dec. 21 2009

Eritrea: The land its citizens want to forget
Ethiopian Airlines on Star Alliance horizon
Region wary as Somalia threatens to degenerate
Aid groups to probe charges by Ethiopia opposition

Dec. 20 2009

Mombasa-Addis road gets $166m
Somalia entrapped in another year of deadly insurgency
Five banks to build office blocks in Dukem

Dec. 19 2009

Climate draft accord agreed
Doctor's mission to save Ethiopian kids' hearts
TPLF to field 190 candidates for upcoming nat’l election
New Peace Corps Volunteers Begin Service in Ethiopia
A fitting tribute

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Dec. 18 2009

Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi breaks deadlock
Scientists say hominid is greatest hit of 2009
Obama calls for swift action on climate change
Ethiopia's underground churches a historic wonder
Interview With Somaliland’s Foreign Minister

Dec. 17 2009

U.N. Council to put sanctions on Eritrea - diplomats
Africa not prepared to accept empty words in Copenhagen: Ethiopian PM
Aid group: Rains fail again across East Africa
Ethiopia grants pardon to former opposition figures
Eritrean footballers request refugee status in Kenya
Senior Politician: Marxist Legacy Haunts Ethiopia

Dec. 16 2009

Jet, ship tax to fund climate poor: Copenhagen deal
Ethiopia yr/yr inflation at 0.6 pct in November
The Case of Eritrea’s Missing Soccer Team
Stranded Ethiopians repatriated from Libya
No conviction for settler who called Ethiopian cops 'Nazis'

Dec. 15 2009

Simple water capturing methods succeed in Ethiopia's Tigrai State
China To Back African Compensation Demand At Climate Summit
NABU protects unique wild coffee forests in Ethiopia
Eritrean footballers disappear after international match in Kenya
Somali police officers killed by Puntland bomb

Dec. 14 2009

Ethiopia’s PM: outside pressure over election wrong, dangerous
Ethiopia PM Rejects US Criticism, Calls Ties with Washington 'Solid'
'Africa to safeguard interests at Copenhagen
A leap of faith to Ethiopia's ancient holy sites
World Vision Ends Global 'Spirit of Christmas' Tour with Final Stop in Ethiopia

Dec. 12 2009

Ethiopia’s Meles Says Aid Allegations ‘Outrageous and Stupid’
President Obama to Nominate Ambassador Donald E. Booth to be Next U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia
US and Ethiopia agree to cooperate in Somlia and Sudan’s Darfur
Ethiopia rebels spread jitters in oil region

Dec. 11 2009

Africa is getting a better deal from Beijing
Eritrea keeps the lead in Africa’s journalist jailing list
Eritrea arrests 30 praying women, relatives say
A Crossing Made in Hell
US 'concerned' over closure of Ethiopian paper

Dec. 10 2009

Ethiopia, Destination For The Bold
Unity Entangled See also Fist fight in Andinet Party
Kenya’s offer to finance Gibe III a double standard?
Ethiopian colossus of dub hits Womad
Refugee returns to Sudan to sign up voters

Dec. 09 2009

P.M. Meles appoints five senior government officials
Family spends year volunteering in Ethiopia
Coming attractions: Ethiopia
UNICEF mourns as funeral is held for Ethiopian engineer
4.8 million Ethiopians will require aid food in 2010

Dec. 08 2009

AfDB loans Kenya $166 mln for road to Ethiopia
Africa at Risk
Asmara Detains 30 Christian Women, Group Says

Dec. 07 2009

Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede wins Fukuoka International Marathon
Ethiopian athletes fear climate change threat
Ministry calls on U.S to strengthen support to Ethiopia's agriculture sector

Dec. 06 2009

Minister of Foreign Affairs Eritrea, to Foreign Ministers of the 15 member countries of the Security Council
Editors’ comment: The Eritrean-Mafia dictators are so paranoid that everything going wrong in Eritrea they blame it on Ethiopia. Their fear of TPLF is so great; if the sky falls on Eritrea they will blame it on Woyane. Things are becoming very interesting over there.

Dec. 05 2009

Ethiopian, Ugandan firm push Sahara desert by investing in biodiesel
Ethiopian' set to join Star Alliance early next year
65,000 Eritrean refugees languish in Sudan
Ethiopia: Norway joins China in mega hydropower project

Dec. 04 2009

Ethiopian court upholds life sentence for Canadian
Somalia blames al-Qaida, Somali group for bombing

Dec. 03 2009

Smuggled video by undercover journalist reveals the harsh reality of Eritrea today
Ethiopian petition on climate change sent to Barack Obama
Enticho Town showed Its Respect and Gratitude to its Sons for Constructing Block and Libraries
Ethiopian students still denied places at Petah Tikva schools
Ethiopian Airlines sweeps five Awards in 2009

Dec. 02 2009

Spate of suicides by foreign maids in Lebanon sheds light on abuse. Have your say
Eritrea's human rights record in the spotlight at United Nations
Eritrea denies aiding Somalia's Islamist rebels
A Landmark Study of the Human Journey
Seven killed in Puntland violence
Jihad draws young men across globe back to Somalia

Dec. 01 2009

Ethiopian double at Obudu International
Nigerian Eagle Airlines Signs Codeshare with Ethiopian Airlines
Sudan feeds 80 percent of Ethiopia’s oil demand
Ethiopian Forms Hotel JV with Chinese Companies


Tigray Mutual Assistance Association, christmas party in Dallas-Fort Worth
Tigray Mutual Assistance Association, christmas party in Dallas-Fort Worth

Christmass party with Solomon Haile and Eden Gebresilasie in Seattle Washington
Christmass party with Solomon Haile and Eden Gebresilasie in Seattle Washington



Africa can and must be part of the solution to climate change

Africa can and must be part of the solution to climate change

The tension between the positive and negative changes in Ethiopia is palpable. Which direction wins depends on the choices Ethiopians make, and to some extent upon us.

P.M. Meles Zenawi Interview by Ben of EthiopiaFirst

P.M. Meles Zenawi Interview by Ben of EthiopiaFirst

Ben of interviewed Prime Minister Meles Zenawi this week in Addis Abeba. In the interview he touched off many current hot issues, like the food shortage, election 2010, article 39, land leasing and the Prime Minister's personal life.

Ethiopian Airlines wins Airline of the Year Award

Ethiopian Airlines wins Airline of the Year Award

Ethiopian has earned another industry honor, “Airline of the Year Award” at the 41st Annual General Assembly of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) held in Maputo, Mozambique on November 24, 2009.