The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!

Almaz Gebremedhin is ABC's Mother's day brakfast in bed and Mother of the year contest winner.Almaz Gebremedhin is ABC's Mother's day brakfast in bed and Mother of the year contest winner.

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How to remove a broken spark plug embedded deep down in the engine blockHow to remove a broken spark plug embedded deep down in the engine block

Eyasu Berhe
The veteran TPLF fighter and renowned artist Eyasu Berhe passed away at age 53. Leave your condolence

PM Meles Zenawi Press Conference on Election 2010 Outcomes

Tigrai Online congratulates the Ethiopian People and Government for a successful and peaceful election

Headline News

May 31 2010

Anniversary of Demise of Military Dictatorship Celebrated!!!
Egypt warns that new Nile agreement could prove a 'death sentence'
Burundi, Rwanda Expel Human Rights Watch Workers

May 30 2010

Electronic trading boost for Ethiopia's coffee farmers
Ethiopia denies rebels seize Ogaden gas field
Sarkozy opens up to Africa at Nice summit

May 29 2010

Sudan hands over 46 rebels to Ethiopia
Ethiopian Beer Drinking to Rise 15% on Population, Wealth
Brain gain: African migrants returning home

May 28 2010

Victorious EPDRF: magnanimous but no gullible.
US embassy in Ethiopia increases visa fees
Ardi's place in human ancestry challenged
Eritrean journalist assaulted at public seminar in Houston

May 27 2010

Ethiopian polls reflect people's will: AU monitors
Eritrea "intimidates emigrants into paying tax"

Headline News

May 26 2010

Ethiopian opposition rejects poll result

Editorís comment: In the 2005 elections the opposition won all 23 seats for the capital Addis Abeba and they won 174 seats in the overall election, they rejected the results. In this election they won none and they rejected the results. What does the opposition want? Well they want power by any means necessary. What these collection of Hodgepodge so called opposition forgetting is, Ababa Isayas Afeworki, Emama Ana Gomez, Gonbet 7, Al Shebab, Human rights watch, ONLF, OLF, Banana Revolution, EPPF, changing their name everyday like their shirt or teenage stone throwers are not going to put them in power. Their line of thinking is old, their ideas are outdated, they have no clear vision and they are spoiling the chance for a real genuine opposition that would bring a real alternative to the ruling party. The Ethiopian people are tired of them so, they need to get the hell out of the way.

Reporters Without Borders launches petition for release of Journalists in Eritrea

May 25 2010

Ethiopian ruling party garners 499 seats in elections
EXIM India to open office in Ethiopia next month
Bafna Pharma gets GMP approval from Ethiopia
Gwynne Dyer: Is a water war on the horizon over the Nile River?

May 24 2010

Meles Zenawi's party 'heads for Ethiopia election win'
Ethiopia monitors to probe fraud claims in 'calm poll'
Ethiopia Election Seen as ĎFree and Fairí
Egypt will not be able to stop Ethiopia from using the nile waters (Al jazeera vidoe)

May 23 2010

Ethiopia poll tipped to return PM to power
Negotiation only way out of the Nile Basin controversy
Q&A: Ethiopian elections

May 22 2010

SOMALILAND: Ethiopian troops clash with local militia
Ethiopia tackles ghosts of elections past
Djibouti warns of 'disintegration' of Somalia

May 21 2010

New Nile agreement a wake-up call for Egypt: analysts
Explosion in Ethiopiaís border town injures 13
Editors comment: Those cowards will be paid in time, they know they canít stand a chance face to face but they know how to hide behind Somali womenís skirts. Remember this Ethiopian defense forces!
Last day of campaigning ahead of Ethiopia's elections

May 20 2010

Ethiopia rejects Egypt Nile claims
Editorís comment: It is about time the Egyptians realize that the time of empty threats and bravado is over. It is time to share the Nile waters in a just and equitable fashion. If it comes to it the Ethiopian people will stand for their god given right to use their natural resources. If they are ready to use force to achieve their goal, Ethiopia would not lose more than it is losing for hunger every year. The Egyptians should remember well what happen to their army on November 16 1875 in Gundet by Emperor Yohannes IV. Imagine sending six fighter planes loaded with what they can on one way mission to the Aswan dam. We hope it does not come to this.
Thousands rally in Ethiopian capital ahead of Sunday polls

May 19 2010

Kenya signs Nile Basin deal rejected by Egypt
Egypt's Nile monopoly is starving Ethiopia
Scenarios - How might Ethiopia's elections play out?

May 18 2010

Egypt plans to block Nile Basin deal
Ethiopia and Somaliland send troops to border
Ethiopian Ambassador reveals the controversial Nile Basin countries' agreement

May 17 2010

Profile: Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi (BBC)
Egyptians discuss response to Ethiopian dam
Huge Chinese Loan Will Build Major Ethiopian Railroad

May 16 2010

Eritrea's President Isaias supports Egypt over Ethiopia on Nile river issue
Gebremariam clocks Central Park 10Km record
Ethiopia sees exporting power as it opens New HP project

May 15 2010

Egypt queries legality of Nile accord
Confucius Institute Opens Training for Ethiopian Diplomats
Haile Gebrselassie targets 10k record in Manchester

May 14 2010

Four African countries sign new Nile treaty
Ethiopia prized over a Billion Birr for Excellence in Education
Ethiopia inaugurates $500mn hydro-power plant
Former Ethiopia Envoy Predicts Calm Elections
Editors comment: Translation, the Birhanu Negas, the Ginbot-7s, the banana revolutionists and their backers better understand not to try the 2005 drama, but if they did try the reaction of the security forces will be swift and decisive. Donít send merkato woyalas and hooligans armed with stones to do your dirty work while you sit in your western villas waiting for your revolution to succeed.
EEPCO grants electro, hydro-mechanical works of Gibe III project to Chinese Company

May 13 2010

A Realistic Step Forward: The Ethiopian Elections in Context
Devít projects worth over 422.6 mln birr underway in Tigrai state
U.S. should deter foreign mining in Eritrea-report
refugee in hiding following threat from Eritrean official

May 12 2010

Ethiopia’s leader warns Eritrea over "aggressions"
Nile treaties are malicious and must be renegotiated
Sudan to mediate between Eritrea and Djibouti
UN appeals for funds for Somali, Eritrean refugees

May 11 2010

Straight from the horse's mouth, Opposition camp on economy
Editors comment: Do you think the CUD would do a better job in the Ethiopian economy? You be the judge.
Africa sceptical over funds for climate change
PM marvels at Ethiopian aliah story
Eritrea seizes 348 Yemeni fishing boats- official report

May 10 2010

Head of exports council: Chinese in Ethiopia are threat to Egypt

May 09 2010

Precious Ethiopian psalter will take its rightful place
Medrek Mob stabs Ethiopian police officer

May 08 2010

Five leaders invited to join G20 at Toronto summit
Two people lost their lives in Ethiopia blast: official
Scientists zero in on ancient Land of Punt

May 07 2010

Six Eritrean political leaders have have lost their lives in prison: ex-guard
NAHO Plc First to Gain from PM’s Hotel Strategy
SOMALILAND: 17 students graduate from Ethiopian Defense College

May 06 2010

Ottawa OKs sanctions against Eritrea over Somali militant support

May 05 2010

Activities Underway to Construct Memorial Library for Eyasu Berhe
Egypt - President Mubarak receives the Eritrean President during his visit to Egypt
Ethiopian coffee Sells $12 a cup at Brooklyn Cafe

May 04 2010

Former Army Chief Leads Northern Brewery Venture in Tigrai
1,000 Words About Ethiopia
Ethiopians protest racial segregation

May 03 2010

Eritrea is Africa's "biggest prison for media": RSF
Ethiopia reveals another ambitious five year power plan
EU urged to halt aid to Eritrea

May 02 2010

Rebels pledge to depose Eritrean president
An Open house program staged at Ethiopian Embassy

May 01 2010

Djibouti Backs off from Proposed Operation Monopoly at Doraleh
Anthony Lake Begins Tenure as UNICEF's Executive Director



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