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Why Isaias’s and PP’s downfall could be faster than expected?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online May 21, 2020

The illegal Prosperity Party in Ethiopia failed to answer the Ethiopians demands


Eternal glory to the brave and highly disciplined Tigray security forces

At this time, Tigray is the only region in Ethiopia with an efficient and effective functional government that deserves praise and Nobel peace prize. Yes, it is the undeniable fact.

Unlike Prosperity Party, Tigray government is legal and has the full support of the Tigray people to carry out democratic elections. Thanks to the brave and highly disciplined Tigray security forces that are performing their duty effectively day and night. Because of you the vanguards of Tigray’s peace, Tigray will proudly carry out a highly civilized and a historical democratic election in 2020. Tigray will not fall down like Prosperity Party that resists elections.

Can a blind lead a blind?

A blind cannot lead a blind. The Mafia-Oro-Mara-team or Prosperity Party had lost its vision and direction. Prosperity Party need to be directed in the right direction before it hits its graveyard. Prosperity Party need to be led by people who have the best and brightest vision and mission like Tigray.

Honestly, if Prosperity Party cannot manage Oromia and Amara regions peacefully, how can they lead and make Ethiopia a peaceful and prosperous nation? Prosperity Party is dreaming unrealistic and unimaginable dreams. Prosperity Party has to wake up and make peace with itself first. Unless Prosperity Party reconciles with itself first, Prosperity Party will not have the moral ground to talk about the most peaceful Tigray state or other regions.

What did Isaias exported to Ethiopia after he was released by UN?

A year ago, Isaias was released by UN from the 20 years of imprisonment in Eritrea under the sanctions of the UN. However, Eritrea still remains a failed state under his rule.

Isaias has exported to Ethiopia his experiences of making a stable state to a failed state. PP and its agents had implemented Isaias’s prescriptions. Hence, they have made Oromia and Amara unmanageable or failed states according to Isaias’s unwise guidance.


Like Eritrea, Prosperity Party is denying Ethiopians Democratic elections. Ethiopian Banks have started denying Ethiopian’s to withdraw their own money like Eritrea. Generally, under PP Ethiopia is exhibiting all the signs of a failed state like Eritrea.

Prosperity Party should have not wasted 2 years in getting on the job training from Isaias on how to lead a nation and become a leader for a lifetime. Instead, PP should have received training from the 45 years of the experiences of the best and brightest political scientists of Tigray. The peace of the Oromia and the peace of the Amhara regions are the peace of Tigray or Ethiopia in general. But it may or may not be Isaias’s peace.

Why PP will expire prematurely?

The illegal Prosperity Party failed to answer the Ethiopians’ demands. As a result, PP is on the brink of collapse. Like in Eritrea, in Ethiopia everything has fallen under the control of an unqualified man’s absolute authority.  The demise of both the dictators may be rapid and unexpectedly. Hence, extra cautionary measures are required beforehand as there are no strong institutions that could properly handle the situation.

Will Isaias’s recent ill-advice for PP become a recipe for PP’s rapid collapse? Why is Isaias directly acting as a catalyst to speed up division, lawlessness and disaster in Ethiopia?  

Ethiopians have millions of questions for the prosperity party (PP) or the Mafia-Oro-Mara-team that requires genuine political solutions for the problems. Here are a few of the burning questions that Ethiopians are asking:

Why is the mafia-Oro-Mara-team or prosperity party failed prematurely? Why the Oro-Mara alliance ended with conspiracies of murdering its own leaders at Bahir Dar and all over Ethiopia? Why was the alliance a fake alliance from the very beginning?

What common interest and fate do PP and Isaias have?

Nothing, except the thirst they have for political power. As the Oro-Mara was a fake alliance, PP’s and Isaias’s tactical alliance is a fake alliance too. PP’s and Isaias’s common interest is not about their people’s common interests.


Tigray is Ethiopia and belongs to PP more than it belongs to Isaias. At the same time, Isaias belongs to Tigrinya speaking people. Therefore, in reality, Tigray is a common intersection that binds both Ethiopian and Eritrean people’s interests.

However, the power thirsty PP and Isaias made Tigray their common enemy to cover up their crimes temporarily. As a result, both will vanish too soon. Because all people including the Tigray people support democratic elections and genuine justice to be made for the crimes they committed against humanity.

Should the leader of the failed state of Eritrea be a good role model for Ethiopia? Has Isaias Afewerki ever had good intentions for Ethiopia in the past 50 years? Has Isaias magically transformed to fall in love with Ethiopia or is he cleverly tricking PP to do his dirty conspiracies against Ethiopia?

In reality, in Ethiopia and Eritrea, today should have been better than yesterday. There should have been improvements in terms of human rights, peace, security, and economic developments. But, is today really better than yesterday while Ethiopia is under the influence of Isaias and PP? Absolutely today is not better than yesterday. In fact, it is worse.

Well, PP granted Isaias and his spies a free zone to act as a catalyst for the speedy collapse of Ethiopia by dividing Ethiopians as PP versus TPLF. Isaias tirelessly works day and night to widen the rift between PP and TPLF. Isaias conspired against Ethiopia by ill-advising PP to cancel elections as a major precondition for a disaster in Ethiopia.


Why are the PP and its supporters licking the war criminal Isaias’s Shoes? Why is PP killing Ethiopian Patriotism? Why pp arrested Ethiopian patriotic spies who defended Ethiopia from Isaias Afewerki’s conspiracies. On the other hand, Why PP allowed Isaias’s spies to control Addis Ababa? Why Isaias’s spies are being murdered in Addis Ababa after they are welcomed by PP?

Why is PP pointing its blunt sword against their Ethiopian people? Does PP need a reminder that anyone who raised a sword against people were destroyed and humiliated by the people’s sharp sword? Why PP is repeating the same fatal mistake that will make them regret forever? Well, time is the mirror of history and there will be right time for everything.

Why in Ethiopia, except in Tigray, there is no formal functional government? Why the PP, who governs only Addis Ababa, wants to use the Covid-19 as a good means to extend elections and its lifespan at the Menelik II Palace? After September 2020, what will be the fate of PP that immersed Ethiopia into chaos?

Why you should not trust Prosperity party (PP)?

The false propagandas of the mafia-Oro-Mara team, that had excluded 78 ethnics of Ethiopia, have evaporated. However, the crimes, the damages and the political sins committed by the unholy marriage of the Mafia-Oro-Mara-team are not fully and properly addressed yet.

The Mafia-Oro-Mara-team or prosperity party (PP) does not represent the Oromo or the Amara people. The Oro-Mara-team is a group of opportunistic parasite of the EPRDF party. Team Mafia-Oro-Mara is neither shortsighted nor farsighted but a blind. As a result, politically speaking the mafia group is pronounced dead prematurely.  

In conclusion: What happens when immature and blind Mafia politicians lead other blind Mafia politicians? They will all terribly fail, right? That is what is exactly happening in Ethiopia today. The team Mafia-Oro-Mara has fooled itself and invited a destruction of its own by swallowing Isaias’s political prescriptions. Oro-Mara neither formed a tactical alliance nor a strategic alliance. The Team Oro-Mara is simply a Mafia group who commits crimes under the cover of the Ethiopian law.


The group of politically immature team-Mafia-Oro-Mara is simply playing a nasty political game at the expense of the life of the nation and its people. They did not form an alliance; be it a tactical or a strategic alliance. However, they have formed a power vacuum, high unemployment rate, lawlessness, desperation, dependency, they encouraged savage tribalism and racism; they diminished Ethiopian patriotism, diminished Ethiopian sovereignty and aggravated schism among the brotherly east-African people. They have no people’s support and they may rapidly vanish before the due time. Therefore, precautionary measures have to be in place to secure the peace and the stability of the country.