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Has the illegal prosperity party become a hijacker?

By Amlest Tesfay
Tigrai Online Dec. 22, 2019

Abiy Ahmed is becoming very dangerous for Ethiopia and its people

The con artist's monster is coming out after he fooled the Ethiopian people and the world.


The desperate Prosperity party (PP) is committing desperate actions against the Ethiopian people and against diplomats with diplomatic immunity. PP is illegally using the highly disciplined Ethiopian Military forces to intimidate the Wolayta people, and Ethiopians in general.

The illegal prosperity party (PP) that consists of about four members turned out to be hijackers. The illegal PP has no supporters in Ethiopia. The PP members only exist on paper and on the propaganda of the Ethiopian public media outlets: the Walta Information Center, ETV and EBC.

The Prosperity party is indirectly admitting and exposing itself as the main culprit for the death of top public figures, the blockage of Federal roads and flights. As Engineer Simegnew Bekelle was unlawfully hijacked and killed on his Vehicle, the Chinese high ranking diplomats were similarly hijacked from a PLANE. They were commanded and discharged from the plane while they were on their way to Mekelle City, the capital city of Tigray.

However, the Prosperity party neither they took any responsibility about the hijacking incidents nor they provided any explanation about the hijackers. Why? They cannot provide any explanation because it is an international crime. They cannot publicly deny their own crimes because as the election approaches they are getting more frustrated and desperate.

Ethiopians are now convinced and proved that the PP is behind all the crimes that are committed openly and secretly. After they closed the Federal road that connects the Amhara and Tigray people, PP had been cheating Ethiopians for more than two years. Today, the illegal PP exposed themselves not only they are the criminals who closed the Federal roads but also the Airline Flights. Ethiopians had proved the four members of the PP are the real hijackers and culprits behind the closure of federal highways as well.

The ignorant criminal PP should be taught that the Ethiopian Aviation industry is part of the property of Tigray. It was first built by Luel Ras Mengesha Seyoum and expanded by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The BILLIONS of dollars that they are consuming was generated by the resourceful TPLF/EPRDF leaders.

Tigray has to double and triple its domestic and international cooperation. The more Tigray’s cooperation continues the more the PP’s crimes will be exposed to the world. The desperate action of the Prosperity party on the Chinese high level officials was a success for Tigray and a diplomatic failure for the illegal PP.


Prosperity party is illegal. Tigray government is legal. Tigray should also cooperate with its neighbors. Tigray should invite the Eritrean government including Esaias Afreworki and accept his apology. The Prosperity party is becoming the main obstacle for Esaias Afeworki not to visit and apologize the Tigray people and the Aider elementary school parents.

Tigray must make sure Esaias Afeworki will be safe in Tigray than any place in Africa. He should safely walk on the streets of his parent’s land as his father did during the 1970s. Esaias’s father, Ato Afewerki used to live in Mekelle during the Derg era and every morning he used to walk on the streets of King Yohannes IV palace.

If Tigrayan’s create mutual cooperation with their brothers in Eritrea, Prosperity party will have headache. As usual you should expect PP will rush to Mekelle through its mouth piece Walta information for an interview with His Excellency Getachew Reda.

Walta do not want Tigray and Eritrea to have a friendly soccer match, but wants both to have unfriendly match. However, if the cooperation is between Eritrea and others, then it will not be Walta’s headache. The illegal PP should make sure that today is not yesterday, as Getachew Reda said, our gloves are off.

By the way, during the derg era, taxi transportation in Tigray was prohibited by law. Neither the derg’s deputy president Fiseha Desta nor the Tigray administrator Mulugeta Hagos gave any explanation about the illegal prohibition of Taxi transportation in Tigray. We hope the DW will investigate the reasons.

The PP’s destiny will not be any different from the destiny of the derg. Prosperity party’s aggressive barking and illegal actions are clear signs of desperation. PP is staggering. Let the federalist forces push pp as fast as possible and remove pp. TPLF must quickly form a joint force with all federalist forces and push the stumbling PP. PP is now at your Mercy. Watch also cautiously, because desperation may lead PP to commit a political suicide.

The Ethiopian regime led by Abiy Ahmed has blocked a Chinese delegation led by Deputy Governor of Shanxi province of China from travelling to Tigrai state.