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Abiy Ahmed Ali and his masters are changing tactics towards Tigrai

Tigrai Online, March 26, 2019

Abiy Ahmed Ali and his masters are changing tactics towards Tigrai
United and defiant Tigrai is not flinching by the threats of Abiy Ahmed and Amhara state war drums.

The jubilation and adulation is over for the mercenary low level military man acting as a Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed Ali was chosen by the political engineers who are behind the silent coup in Ethiopia nearly a year ago because of his weak personal characteristics and his indifference to Ethiopia’s traditions.

Initially, Abiy Ahmed Ali the face and the official spokesperson of the silent coup d'état in Ethiopia was received warmly by some Ethiopians because he echoed some key phrases which resonated with many people especially in the unitary quarters.

After Abiy Ahmed visited Tigrai there was a cautious optimism the change in leadership might help the EPRDF better government, but it became very clear to the people of Tigrai the so called “change” had entirely different purpose than they expected. In fact the people of Tigrai and the TPLF were the targets of the “change”. A few months after Abiy Ahmed took power in Ethiopia, the attack against the people of Tigrai and anything TPLF was attacked viscously. Abiy Ahmed continued to strike against the values of Tigrai directly and indirectly.

Abiy Ahmed’s verbal assault against the people of Tigrai was explicit and ferocious. Abiy Ahmed’s searing attack against Tigrai was intentional and it is meant to erode the confidence of the people of Tigrai and to shame them to submission. Among the many insults coined by Abiy Ahmed towards the people of Tigrai was “daylight hyenas”. This phrase was supposed to mean corrupted or thief and it was used to destroy the lives of many Tigrians. Every month Abiy Ahmed kept his mudsling against Tigrai and TPLF with new words of phrases, the last malicious speech which sent the anger of the people of Tigrai to the top was two months ago. When Abiy Ahmed was making a speech to the leaders of Ethiopian opposition groups in Addis Ababa he described Tigrai mothers and women as unfaithful and adulterous women who would sleep with every stranger soldier and alike that passes through their towns and villages.


How dare this little man with a little brain speak about our mothers that way? Some might dismiss Abiy Ahmed’s attacks as colossal mistake, but this is not ordinary slip of the tang, instead they are calculated ruthless political attacks against the dignity of the Tigrai people. The purpose of this type of cruel attacks is to score a cheap political point, to appear stronger and bigger than he actually he is and gain friends at the expense of Tigrai.

All the hate propaganda campaign against the TPLF and people of Tigrai didn’t dent the moral of Tigrai and Tegaru. On the contrary Tigraians are more united than ever and they are ready to defend their identity and everything theirs. The alliance which was gathered around “let’s destroy Tigrai/TPLF” is evaporating faster than the Tigrai highlands morning fog. The anti Tigrai elements invited by Abiy from abroad including the Drgi riff raff, the criminals, the terrorists, and the called opposition groups are fighting among each other. The backbone of Abiysphre the Amhara regional state is turned upside down by internal conflict and conflict with its neighbors.


Now the masters of Abiy Ahmed are not sure if they picked the right person to lead their silent coup in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian population is disappointedly aware about the true identity and intent of Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia. A massive tide against Abiy Ahmed is gathering in every corner of Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is stuck between a rock and hard place so he is changing his tactics on dealing with the people of Tigrai and the Tigrai state government. Mind you the strategy of Abiy Ahmed and his masters is still the same, it is to systematically weaken and destroy TPLF and Tigrai, but their tactics so far backfired and their plan is in disarray. The new plan is to appear gentle and friendly towards TPLF and Tigrai instead of the harsh treatment they used until now. At the same time they are planning to manipulate any political differences among Tigraians and use them to create gaps between Tegaru. One of their tactics they want to use “awrajawinet” because they can’t find any other tangible opening for their evil plan. Unfortunately there are always sellouts in every society and Tigrai has its fair share who are willing to work with devil arch enemy of Tigrai and Tegaru. Evey Tigrawai knows who they are and how these sellouts are working with Abiy Ahmed.

The only reason Tigrai and the people of Tigrai are so strong is their uncompromising unity. Every Tigrawai inside and outside of Tigrai should be well informed about Abiy Ahmed and his masters evil plan to divide the people of Tigrai and create crisis from within Tigrai because they can’t do it from outside. Tigrai people should 100% focus on rebuilding the economy and defense of Tigrai. We should not concern ourselves with what is happening in the rest of Ethiopia. You have to remember all the sacrifice paid by our people was labeled “dirty and dark 27 years”. No matter what Tigrawai would not get any credit for anything in Ethiopia. From now on, Tigraians will not shed a single drop of blood for Ethiopia, NEVER AGAIN!!!


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