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This is the Brotherhood plan for America, what is the plan for Ethiopia?

The Muslim Brotherhood's plan for the United States of America and the west is well laid out for all to see in this video thanks for the hard work of these people. The question is what is the Muslim Brothers plan for Ethiopia?


We all remember a few years back President Morsi of Egypt and his top government officials were caught on live TV discussing how to destabilize Ethiopia including using war planes to attack it or using neighbors like Eritrea and Somalia.

Brigitte Gabriel the Founder, president, and CEO of Act! for America says the Muslim Brotherhood has a master plan to dominate America and the West and make Muslim a world religion.

This video should be seen in light of the latest developments in the Horn of Africa and the measures taken by the Saudi-led coalition in the Red Sea. It seems Ethiopia might be in the front lines of the greater war between the West and the expansionist Wahabi Muslim extremists.

It is a public secret majority Muslims in the world have nothing to do with the sinister expansionist Muslim Brotherhood agenda, but some lack the knowledge, power, resources, and political influence to directly confront the Brotherhood and their allies. We can’t stress enough to remind everyone of you not lump Muslims with all these groups you see doing evil things in the world.

Our tiny nieghbours are cosying up with these dangerous people and they feel if hell breaks loose they will be sapared by the Brotherhood as an island of peace and harmony, what fantasy.

This video is to inform you about what is going in the world in relation to our country and the region in general. Also we want to show what you see is not what you get when it comes to the most sensitive international politics.


When you listen to the lady speaking, keep in mind what the Morsi admistration was planning and the current government might be planning against Ethiopia. Is Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia ready to meet any challenge that might come from these people? We are talking long term strategic plan to counter any action by all means including syber warfare and propaganda work.

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