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Ethiopian army locates women and children in South Sudan surrounds armed group

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, April 22, 2016

Ethiopian army locates women and children in South Sudan surrounds armed group


The Ethiopian army has been pursuing the armed group that attacked civilians in Gambela regional state in Southern Ethiopia and abducted some 108 women and children and took them to South Sudan. The Ethiopian army has pin pointed the location of those civilians in the South Sudan and they have surrounded the armed groups holding them.

The aria is inhabited by the Murle community of South Sudan. The South Sudanese government is fully cooperating with Ethiopia to track down the armed gangs who are holding the people and speed up the rescue effort to free the Ethiopian women and children.

Lt. General David Yau Yau from the South Sudan army

Meanwhile a South Sudanese General who happens to be from the same Murle tribe, says the Boma regional government of South Sudan is behind the Gambela attack. Many people assumed this was the usual inter-tribal conflict between rival groups who are found in both Ethiopia and South Sudan, but Lt. General David Yau Yau says it was not. Sudan Tribune quoted him as saying the following: “The people who made these deadly attacks undeniably come from the bomas of Lekuangole such [as] Nyergeny, Manythaka, Wungony, Toltol, Manyathind. The governor had supplied his own people with some weapons and ammunitions when he planned to force his way into Pibor town and the same weapons and ammunitions, which are now used against the Nuer civilians in Ethiopia,” he said.

South Sudan is deeply divided country and currently the country is going through tough time. The Civil war still going on and all the mediation by Ethiopia and African Union didn’t bring lasting peace yet. The Ethiopian government is greatly involved to bring peace and stability to South Sudan.

Many neighboring countries are involved in South Sudan most of the countries are in South Sudan to further t their own interest not to help the South Sudanese people. Eritrea, North Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya and Israel are in South Sudan.

Eritrea and Egypt are in South Sudan manly to destabilize Ethiopia and if possible to get closer to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The latest accusation by Lt. General David Yau Yau shades more light to why this attack was different from all the previous once.

You might arrive on your own conclusion based on facts you have gathered from different sources, but we are fully convinced the Eritrean mafia gangs are behind this latest incident in Gambela. Why? Because, they are green with jealousy about the miraculous transformation taking place in Ethiopia and they are not part of it. Secondly they want to counter the positive news coming out from major news media outlets like CNN about Ethiopia. They want to discourage investors from coming to Ethiopia by creating none existence instability. Third because they want to divert the international community’s attention from the gross human rights volitions their committing in their own tiny country. Recently Eritrean government troops gunned down dozens of people in front of their families in a broad day light in down town Asmara the capital of the country.


We think the Ethiopian government is hiding its head in the sand and denying the fact that all the artificial conflicts in Oromia, Wolkait, Somali region, and Gambela are perpetuated by the African North Korea, Eritrean government. The Ethiopian government might be fast on putting out fires but, Shabiay is starting another one just before they put out the last one. The only real solution is to deal decisively with the source.

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