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Eritrean policy of destabilizing Ethiopia going according to plan

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, April 18, 2016

Eritrean trained gunmen kill Ethiopians in Gambela


Eritrean policy to destabilize Ethiopia is going according to plan. A few weeks ago Eritrean armed forces abducted unarmed traditional gold miners from northern Tigrai state and killed some of them on the spot when they refused to go with them.  32 of the abductees were released by the Eritrean government after Sudanese government pressured Eritrea and the Ethiopian government hesitantly issued warning it might take military action against the gangs in Asmara.

The Eritrean government is determined to break Ethiopia to small pieces to grantee its security from future actions by a united powerful and much larger Ethiopia.

The Badme war was not about the town of Badme or any boarder lands. The war of Badme was part of an Eritrean grand plan to demolish Ethiopia if possible or to plunge Ethiopia to an endless conflict and civil war. That is the reason why Shabiya sent its best military experts to Al-Shabab to support them invade Ethiopia. We all know how that military adventure ended. Three or more of the Eritrean military experts and the journalists were captured by Ethiopian and Kenyan forces, but Shabiya never stopped creating terrorist groups to achieve its goal.

The Eritrean government created or help created and actively support the following military and terrorist groups against the Ethiopian people. OLF, ONLF, TPDM, AL-SHABAB, SNLF, BPLM, APLM, ADFM, GPLM and some super groups like Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democratic Movement- AGUDM and recently The People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy – PAFD.

Two weeks ago Eritrea announced the creation of a brand new terror group which includes the Gambela Peoples Liberation Movement (GPLM).

It is not very hard to imaging GPLM forces involvement in the recent attacks on innocent civilians in Gambela regional state which over 220 people are killed hundreds of people are abducted and taken to South Sudan by armed groups .

Ethiopia’s Communications Minister Getachew Reda is quoted by the The Wall Street Journal as saying “Our soldiers are pursuing the attackers; we reserve the right to follow them up inside South Sudan, Ethiopia would act to protect its people and territorial integrity”.

International News media including CNN and Fox News reported Ethiopian defense forces have crossed to South Sudan pursuing the attackers and they have killed about sixty of them so far.

We understand the difference in severity between the abduction and killing in Tigrai and Gambela, does the number of the dead make any difference when it comes what action to take?


When 85 people were abducted and two were killed in Tigrai by Shabiya the Ethiopian government tried to sweep under the rugs if it wasn’t for independent new media like Tigrai Online, Aiga, and VOA kept publicizing it. Even then the Ethiopian government never took any action what so ever in retaliation. Shabiya is getting bolder by the day and it is going to get worst unless Ethiopia takes decisive action to stop it. The question now is why Ethiopia took a swift military action against the armed in South Sudan but not Eritrea, why the double standard?

This latest intrusion to Ethiopian sovereign land by armed groups from South Sudan and the gruesome action they took against Ethiopian civilians has Shabiya’s trademark all over it.

Ethiopia should reexamine its policy towards Eritrea and the mafia government running the tiny country before it is too late for Ethiopia. Why is Shabiya allowed to slowly bleed Ethiopia to death?

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