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Eritrea’s St Lucifer: the toxic diaspora’s New Messiah

By Dilwenberu Nega London
Tigrai Online, November 24, 2013

The week that was witnessed good and bad developments among Ethiopian expats around the globe.The good, was that the Ethiopian in all of us nudged us to take to the streets and condemn strongly the vigilante justice meted out on fellow Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. The bad, was futile attempts by frustrated and confounded so-called political activists abroad to hijack people’s genuine outpourings of anger at what took place in Saudi, to ventilate their opposition to the EPRDF. Here in London, where a large crowd of Ethiopians from all over the UK staged an ear-deafening rabble-rousing demonstration outside the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, official agents of Ethiopian opposition parties in London were booed by alert and unsparing demonstrators when they tried to introduce party political slogans to the crowd of maffickers.

It is, however, what took place outside the Embassy of FDRE in Washington  DC which has left many people both inside and outside Ethiopia in a state of shock, surprise and forlornness. According to Washington’s Selam Radio host, Tsehaye Debalkew, a group of about 65-70 toxic Ethiopian expats brandishing Isais Afwerki’s photo with the caption: Isaias Afewerki is a friend, and not an enemy had the brazen audacity of hijacking last week’s anti-Saudi Arabia bubble to leg it to the Ethiopian Embassy, in the precinct of which, never forget, is hoisted the Ethiopian flag - for whose honour hundreds of thousands  of Ethiopians had laid their precious lives fighting tyrant, Isaias Afewerki.

The very fact that we, Ethiopians abroad, are considered by Ethiopians in the homeland to have lost all our sense of balance and perspective, must be a source of shame and mortification to all Ethiopians. Can you ever imagine American Jews in Washington demonstrating outside the German Embassy holding Adolf Hitler’s photo with the caption: Adolf Hitler is a friend, and not an enemy.

There is no better time than now then for all of us to shout: “Cry beloved Ethiopia, Cry!”

Please don’t misconstrue my line of thinking, for I have no objection to both Eritreans and Ethiopians worshipping Isaias. My ardent opposition comes when particularly quislings from Ethiopia try to ‘sell’  to Ethiopians Eritrea’s St Lucifer as a New Messiah. Sheer common sense can tell you that it is impossible for Isaias, who is enemy number 1 to his own people, to be a friend to Ethiopians, whose Motherland he leaves no stone untuned to destabilise.

You may dismiss the Washington pro-Isaias Afewerki demonstration by disgruntled ‘Ethiopians’ as nonsense, trash, twaddle and rubbish, or you may, as I like to do, draw a lesson from it and move on. When I first read the news item on Tigrai Online, I was instantly reminded of an ESAT interview with the renowned arm-chair politician and prolific cyber-warrior, Ato Fekade Shewakena. In the midst of his interview, he took a swipe at supporters of EPRDF abroad for labelling anti-EPRDF activists in the US “Toxic diaspora.” It is now hoped that this incident will nudge Ato Fekade Shewakena to come to his senses and admit that it is not wicked, pernicious and degrading to call — not all opposition activists — but the lunatic fringe of Ethiopian opposition political parties abroad “Toxic diaspora.” What better word in the English language is there which effectively describes the virulent nature of their opposition to EPRDF?

Make no mistake, the demonstrators were dispatched to the Ethiopian Embassy by Shabia bootlicking members of Ginbot 7 who are under constant pressure by Asmara to produce results for Isaias’ help and support in their, so far pathetic attempt, to uproot EPRDF. No one knows better than Isaias himself that one of the main reasons why Ethiopians are avoiding Ginboat 7 like the plague, is because of his open support to a bunch of good-for-nothing power mongers.  The new directive from Asmara to Ginboat 7’s generalissimo — who, as yet, hasn’t faced a baptism of fire — is, therefore, “Promote Isais Afewerki among the Ethiopian diaspora.” Fortunately for Ethiopia the Isaias Afewerki charade couldn’t have come at a better time.

It was only a month ago today that we expressed our heart-felt condolences to the fraternal people of Eritrea over the drowning of over 300 young and old Eritreans off the Italian coastal town of Lampedusa. These were Eritreans who lost their lives trying to flee from callous and conscienceless Isaias Afewerki - the very man these ‘patriotic Ethiopians’ want us to embrace as a New Messiah.

Its time to wake up from our somnambulism!

Isaias Afeworki President of Eritrea
You may dismiss the Washington pro-Isaias Afewerki demonstration by disgruntled ‘Ethiopians’ as nonsense, trash, twaddle and rubbish, or you may, as I like to do, draw a lesson from it and move on.

Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of Ginbot 7 is lecturing us about Isaiass Afewerki the President-for-life of Eritrea. Andargachew Tsige says Ethiopians ought to learn from the exemplary leader of Eritrea.