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Ginbot-7 thugs prevents a young Ethiopian girl from speaking the truth.

Tigrai Online, November 20, 2013

This is the spirit of the true Ethiopians throughout the world but some Egyptian spies are not happy with what the Ethiopian people and the government are doing to help out their brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia.

Just 2000 Ethiopians have arrived in Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia. So far 7384 Ethiopians are back in their country. This was made possible by increasing the flights from Saudi Arabia to six times a day.

Here is the video

ENYE..I just have one point to get across…EBAKACHU ESHI..EZIH TWELJE ADGIYEM ENEYEM I care. YENYEM WEGEN NACHEW…YENYEM DEM NACHEW. I want to put that point across. EQERTA ARGULIGN WUNET LINAGER…If you ask me the name of my president in Ethiopia…I don’t know. Alawkewum! I just want to get it out of the way, we are lot of people here young and old I have been here about two hours. ANDENGA BEFIQIR NA SELAM NEW YEMTAHUT. So please bar with me. Respect to the fathers, the uncles, the grand fathers ESKE AHUN LEDEKEMACHUHUT… I see you. My father use to be with you out here every protest, I am holding his bandera here no lion no star just love, Abesha Ethiopiaw Ertreaw hulnm and nen".

Untill this point the Ginbot-7 goons are hoping this young beautiful lady is going to start saying MOT LE WOYANE and she says the following crashing their dreams and hopes of the young blood is going to do their dirty job. The Egyptian paid agents and Shabiya dogs run wild barking uncontrolbly.

GIN, I have to say right now you’re all pissing me off! And I am goanna tell you why…OK! We are here for one objective…HULACHINM we care about our brothers and sisters in SAUDI! Let’s stay focus…Let’s stay on the issue…OK!!! Why you screaming at Saudis about what is going on with our government? You have a problem with that go in to the embassy.

Ginbot-7 thugs prevents a young Ethiopian girl from speaking the truth
Ginbot-7 thugs prevents a young Ethiopian girl from speaking the truth because their working for Egypt and Egypt is a friend of Saudi Arabia.