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The Tragedy of the Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian Observer editors
Tigrai Online, November 21, 2013

The killings, torture or inhuman treatment of fellow Ethiopians and the deaf ear of the West that claims they have the highest regard for Humanity, seems to have lost their collective conscience. What is happening in Saudi Arabia against Ethiopians gruesome torture, rape and killing is a tragedy that could have been easily avoided.  The more shocking cases over the past seven days cruel methods, not a single Western embassy is known to have protested nor has responsible African Union or international organization expressed concern over the Ethiopians vulnerability in the hands of coward Saudi forces and their thugs.

Thousands were thrown into the open streets and their hard earned money stolen by Saudi thugs and security forces. Why those international organizations are not aggressively acting against the chilling humanitarian crisis is a mystery.  The Western nation’s passive stance encourages the violation of the rules of international law and of international humanitarian conventions. Killings, torture or inhuman treatment, or any other acts involving dire suffering or bodily harm, or injury to mental or physical health and systematic deportation, transfer or detention in concentration camps is a breach of international law. Complete disregard of international law and arrogance the Saudi regime had taken open approach to show this deadly act to the news media.  I could not conceive the imposition of collective punishments, humiliation and indignity barbaric and criminal act that has fallen upon our people.   Since, it is practically impossible to spell out all the detail, Ethiopians in particular are witch hunted and are subjected to torture in which many simply may disappear  by the action of the thugs. It is hard fact by now that the Saudi regime holds very little regard for the life of Ethiopians.  I call upon Ethiopians in Diaspora to expose the barbaric act of cruelty to the whole World. Genocide Watch “exists to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms “where is the good professor Gregory H. Stanton?

We have to act and press now so that fellow Ethiopians will escape the horror of slaughter. The whole world has a legal and moral obligation to free our citizens from the jaws of those bustards who made a habit of terrorizing by decapitating poor foreigners and also their own people. Therefore, so I urge concerned Ethiopians to express their profound reservation and displeasure to Amnesty International, Human Right organization and also write or call Senators in respected states.

The tragedy is apocalyptic in its dimension and yet the International community has not stirred from its stance of apathy. We have to set up an emergency fund to bring them soon to alleviate their pain and suffering from this barbaric nation. We can end the sad saga of our peoples suffering and enhance the prospect of hope by putting an end to the mind boggling inhumanity that descended upon them and enable the Ethiopians to reclaim their future in their country. 

Ethiopian Observer editors